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Call Of Duty Mobile Best Loot Location| Cod Mobile Location is best place where you can got good loot below I have show you Call of Duty Bes Loot Location you got best gun and item that will very beneficial for you very good location for Cod Mobile Loot Location
Call of Duty Mobile closed Beta Version was launched in India and some other countries, but the game has already gained some serious popularity. Although Call of Duty Mobile closed beta is only for limited users, it already reached 10M+ downloads via Playstore and twice as much from TapTap and other sources. The game features an extensive multiplayer mode and a newly added Battle Royale Mode.


Battle Royale games have been around for a good while now, and everyone will agree that looting plays a crucial role in all of them. Sure, players are using new strategies and different types of techniques in these games, but without proper loot, nobody can dominate the battlefield.
You might think, “Then which are the best places to loot in Call of Duty Mobile battle royale mode”? Trust us, finding loot spots is a hectic job as loot in one spot varies in one match to the other. But we at Shadow Knight gaming, have already done the hard work for you! Here is our top list of the best Looting Spots of Call of Duty Mobile.

Call of duty loot Location
  • The Red Circles indicate the best loot.
  • The Yellow Circles indicate the medium loot.
  • The White circles indicate the low loot.

In this article, we will focus on the Top3 Red Circles as they provide the best and consistent loot.


Call Of Duty Mobile Best Loot Location Royale Battle



The launch is a hot drop Location in the Call of Duty Battle Royale map. You can find superior rifles and snipers here. The many tall buildings, small houses, shacks, and tunnels have okay to a decent amount of guns and ammo along with other loot items.

Risk vs. Loot ratio: Good


Shipment is another area where you can expect the best loot. Located near the sea coast, the place is connected with a bridge to Seaside. However, what makes it more special is that you will find a helicopter parked on helipad behind the central area. The chopper will help make traveling easier and faster from one place to another.

Risk vs. Loot ratio: Good

Nuclear plant

You can find this place at the end of the map. It has a lot of buildings and a large abandoned Nuclear power plant. Hence the name. The power plant is only accessible by a single door, making it a choke point. However, the loot is great. Even the chimneys contain gun attachments and ammo.

Risk vs. Loot ratio: Good


It is a massive area with a lot of buildings. This place is located south to Launch. It is not marked as a hot drop location because of lower than the average number of player drops in the area. The loot available is plenty for a squad to gear up. If you plan to drop by, we will recommend that you start by landing on a high roof and work your way down. So, when you finally reach the ground floor, you will be fully geared to take on anyone.

Risk vs. Loot ratio: Good


Sakura is the most beautiful location in the call of duty mobile battle royal map. It is a laid back area with minimal to moderate player drops. It is an open area that is more spread out than crash. The loot is good with minimal risk. Drop at this location if you want an easy early game. Landing on high buildings in this area is a good strategy. It will give you a great view and a great vantage point.

Risk vs. Loot Ratio: Good

Bus Station

The bus station is a cool spot to land, but it swarms with enemies all the time. There is an opening at the heart of the area where you can get a unique crate or loot box. But it can be risky. Going for the open space means you will be exposed to snipers with little to cover. Give it a shot if you are a rusher.

Risk vs. Loot Ratio: Average


The pipeline is a sweet loot spot. Here you will get all sorts of loot, but there is a reason why we don’t recommend this location. First, it is a trendy loot area (which means there will be a lot of players). Second, the best loot is located at the warehouses in the area. There is always a chance that you will run into someone while going for the loot. The worst part, you arrive late and find a maxed out player in the warehouse. Give it a shot if you are confident about your gun swinging skill.

Risk vs. Loot Ratio: Average ( The loot Great with Very high risk)


We saved the best one in the end for our loyal readers. This is our absolute favorite spot. It’s got the biggest town right next to it. Anywhere you land will almost always have good loot. Be aware that there will be lots of players as well. However, the loot distribution is excellent, so you are less likely to run into someone unarmed. Try to land on the western side of the city next to the farm. It will give you the best chance of finding the best loot!

Risk vs. Loot Ratio: Good