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Hi Guys BH4 Base 2021 Hyp3rion.akki here Bh4 Base Anti 1 Star and today I will show you some BH4 Base Designs 2021 and These  Builder Hall 4 Base brought me up to around 2500-2600 trophies where I am almost always matched against BH5s  

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The loot is much better, and I feel it’s not possible to go any higher as a Builder Hall 4 at this time. 


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Builder Hall Base Design is essential in Versus Battles because half of your success comes from defense. It Does not matter how good you are at attacking. If your base gets constantly wrecked, you won’t be able to get into the higher Trophy Ranges. where the loot is good So come and take a look at these Builder Hall 4 Base Designs 

Builder Hall 4 base

Builder Hall 4 Most Popular BH4 Base 2021

This is a trendy base now in these days around 2400 trophies. It is anti 0* base. Also, you cant even get 50% with the Giant and Archers combo, and you can see all traps are at a good place.

Builder Hall 4 base

Builder Hall 4 Popular Horse BH4 Base 2021

This base is very popular as bh3. The Crusher and the Double Cannon will be the main element of your defense.  Losing the Builder Hall is almost impossible. Since all the defenses have it in range, I used this deck around 2000 trophies. It was working well for me with around 200 trophies.

Builder Hall 4 Popular BH4 Base 2021

This Builder Hall 4 layout is the logic expansion of the popular BH3 layout that uses the double layer walls. It is Open From Three Side, and all three sides are covered by Traps, which means Boxer Giants will push into the Crusher. the Spring Traps are directly behind, so it’s likely that your opponent will lose 2-3 Boxer Giants in the beginning 

 Max BH4 Base 2021

This is an Anti-Air Base because  Once You hit 2400+ Trophies, you will see more frequent Baby Dragon attacks, and this base is very effective Baby Dragon attacks. Because right side is covered by air bombs and left by firecrackers and both top and downside is covered by archer towers

Builder Hall 4 base

the double layer protection base design. This one will also rely on the walls and Crusher protecting the base, and This base will forcing the attacker to go into the walls first and then start attacking. 

Builder Hall 4 base

There’s no way to get more than 1 Star out of this base with Baby Dragons, and it also holds up well against Giants with Archer.

Builder Hall 4 base

Builder Hall 4 Base Designs BH4 Base 2021

This is the base that helps me to push 2500-2600 trophies. The best thing about this base is that the walls do nothing else but funnel, and most attackers attempt it with all Archers (and never get more than 1 Star with 60%, as I said above). I used this layout to push to 2500 Trophies. 

Builder Hall 4 base

Builder Hall 4 Base With Air Bombs BH4 Base 2021

This Base is anti-airbase. The Firecrackers are well-protected, and the Crusher is covered by Trap the Hidden Tesla and the Cannon.

Builder Hall 4 base

Builder Hall 4 Base Troll BH4 Base 2021

It is a troll base, but if you use Mass Archers or Mass Barbarians, he can destroy 48 to 50%. Other it is the anti giant base or anti-airbase just because of traps and Firecrackers.

Builder Hall 4 base

Builder Hall 4 Base Anti 1 star BH4 Base 2021


Builder Hall 4 base Anti 1 star

Builder Hall 4 Base Anti 2 star BH4 Base 2021

Apart from Base in Versus Battles, Defending is an essential part and If you have a solid base can help just like all base above. You can see then you can get a lot of victories, even if you mess up an attack and get a low result.

These bases here are all proven to get good results up to 2500+ Trophies, and I used all of them myself for at least 20 Versus Battles to see how they perform very well, around 2500 trophies. So, guys, that’s it for today. I will update this page soon when I get more base.

Clash of Clans Builder Hall 3 Base Attacking Guide

When you click the ‘Attack’ then ‘Find Now’ button, you will be matched up with another player within your trophy range.

You both attack each other simultaneously (you don’t see your opponent attack you) as you are both online and have searched.

The person with the best stars then percentage wins, simple. The higher in the trophy range you are, the more resources you will gain from a win and 3-win bonus. On attacking, you will get 1 minute to scout.

Possibly the coolest feature is that within this feature, you can freely swap your army by clicking the little arrow.

This brings up the other troops you have unlocked, which you can switch to any of them.

This means you can try and take advantage of weaknesses within a base. Once the 1 minute has expired or deploy a troop, your 3 minute attack time will begin, and you can no longer change your army.

My advice, take your time and be patient. 3 minutes is a long time against these small bases – take your time to take out those snipes and create your funnel. I have found success incoming at a base with a mini kill-squad often for just 1 or 2 objectives. I will give some strategy advice in the ‘Strategy’ section, but it is brand new, and more practice is needed really Take a Look At this page for more info on Builder Base Attacking Guide. 


Thanks For Reading This Clash of Clans Builder Hall 4 Base Guide or BH4 Base 2021

Top 11 Builder Hall 4 Base 2021
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Top 11 Builder Hall 4 Base 2021
Bulder Hall Base Design is very important in Versus Battles  because half of your success come from defense. It Does not matter how good you are at attacking, if your base gets constantly wrecked you won’t be able to get into the higher Trophy Ranges.
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