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Hi Guys ThatClashRoyaler  Showdown has to be one of the funnest gamemodes in Brawl Stars right now. It also is the best way to gain trophies for your brawler if you can consistently get at least top 3 every round. Today I’ll show you can score a top spot almost every match so come and take a look at this Win Showdown Guide guide

Win Showdown Guide

Showdown is a departure from the team-based play of Brawl Stars.

Ten brawlers are placed into an oversized map where they’ll battle for power ups.


Each power up will increase a brawler’s hit points and attack power.(power-ups that will earn 100 HP and + 7% in attack.)

Above each character will appear a digit with the number of power-up that player has. The last Brawlers who will stand will be the winner of the challenge.

As the Brawlers are defeated, the arena will shrink, thus making the challenge more and more compelling.

How to Win Showdown Guide

Mindsets: In my opinion, there is two clear mindsets when you play Showdown, passive and aggressive. You can be equally successful with both mindsets and one is not better than the other.

However, there is times when one mindset can help you reach victory far better than the other.

Passive: With this mindset, you want to avoid confrontation at all costs. If you see an enemy, your first thought is to run and hide. Drawbacks to this mindset is that it usually won’t help you get 1st or 2nd place but it isn’t too risky as you’ll be away from enemies most of the time.

Use this play style when you are behind in power-ups or know there is a few enemies who can hard counter your brawler.

Aggressive: In this mindset, you will looking be looking for fights to power-up your brawler so you can crush even more people. Pretty straight forward. Drawbacks to this mindset is that it is a bit more risky to play but can help you achieve 1st or 2nd place more often. Use this playstyle when you get ahead in power-up or know there is few enemies you pick off easy.

Now that you know your playsytles and when to use them, I’m just going to go into some general tips.

  1. Tip 1: Start with loot crates in the center of the map. Doing this actually puts you at an advantage because most players start with the crates at the edge of the map. If nothing screws you up you should get 2-3 more power-ups than most of the other players.
  2. Tip 2: Attack at the right moment.(this actually helped me win a showdown round as a shelly with only 2 power-ups!) Basically start attacking your enemy when their distracted/vulnerable so you can easily take them down. This tactis is especially useful for taking down strong enemies with a lot of power-ups you can benefit from. But, you must precise when you sneak-attack someone or it could change the outcome you want.
  3. SUPER SECRET TIP 3: Pick el primo and watch as the 1st place wins start rolling in.

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Brawl Stars For Showdown

El Primo

  1. El Primo is a go to for many many game modes, especially on showdown. With only 2 boosts, it becomes very hard to kill with so much HP and it’s Attack becomes even more ridiculous. Pretty much guaranteed spot in the top 5 if played correctly.


  1. Nita is a great option for Showdown purely because Big Baby Bear becomes stronger along with Nita when boosted. It starts to become a huge force when it can leave a Big Baby Bear in front while firing off Rupture attacks from behind.


  1. Poco is an absolute beast. It barely misses and does huge damage as well as its self healing effect. There’s not much need to explain why this Brawler does well as it starts to get the snowball effect with boosts.
  2. More Damage = More Super = More Health = Lasts Longer = Win


  1. Bull’s ability to take down a crate in 3 shots is brilliant. It matches the strength of El Primo with its hard hitting double barrel shotgun and raging bull charge.
  2. This paired with great Health and it’s instantly a threat that can land you in a high rank when played well.


  1. Shelly is the number one El Primo counter and actually gets pretty bulky with a few boosts. If any El Primo somehow get in your zone, her Super can instantly push him back and wreck with her primary attack. From personal experience, Shelly is the best pick for consistent Showdown wins Check Out Here How To Play Shelly In  Showdown

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So These are the best brawlers that just do so much better than the rest In Smash and Grab Mode Full Guide Read Here Well that’s it Thanks for reading this Win Showdown Guide Guide Please let me know if there’s any big holes I’ve left open, and have fun testing some of  these out!