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Hi guys Aaqib Javed here and today i am going to show How to Unlock Brawlers in Brawl Stars Basically, It does really matter how many Brawlers  Once you unlocked 3 Brawlers, you will unlock the second slot in the homepage, which gives you new game types.

By participating, you will get gold coins you will use to unlock the Brawl Box by hand and find the Brawlers inside them:

  1. 1 Slot Bowler to start playing the first game mode.
  2. 3 Slot Bowlers will be unlocked once you have activated the second game mode,
  3. 5 Slot Bowelers will be unlocked when you activate the third game mode,
  4. 7 Bowelers will be unlocked when you activate the fourth game mode.
Unlock Brawlers

How to Unlock Brawlers

Keep on mind every slot can contain multiple game types so it doesn’t matter how many Brawlers you have


you will be able to play each of these game modes but it will not give you more opportunity to play the different game modes the more Brawlers you have unlocked.

How to Get Brawlers?

1. By opening the Brawl Box

Unlock Brawlers by brawl box

This is a Brawl Box!

According to me This is the best way to get brawlers by Opening Brawl Box at the moment 

Basically these brawl boxes can be obtained by gameplay or You can spend 100 coins also you can purchase these brawl boxes with gems in-game Shop.

If you opend a Brawl box It does not guarantee you will get a new Brawler. You can get a duplicate Brawler 

2. You Can Buy any Brawler with Chips

As i said above you can get duplicate Brawler from  Brawl Boxes and if you get duplicate Brawler from  Brawl Boxes then you can convert Duplicate Brawler Chips and  You can use those Chips to purchase Brawlers

Brawl Boxes have various types Brawl Boxes can be Commom, Rare, Epic and Legendary:

  • Common (1 Elixir)
  • Rare, (2 elixir)
  • Epic, (5 elixir)
  • Legendary (10 elixir)

You can buy any Brawlers with Chips

It Depends on the rarity of the Brawl Box if its Common Brawl box then you will get 1 Eloxor as you can see in Above list for Rare 2 Elixir For Epic 5 Eloxor and Legendary will give you 10 elixir. The Brawl Box sequence is not currently known, but it is based on the algorithm Just Like  Clash Royale Chest

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This is a small Guide but i will update this page very soon or i will add some additional Infornation in this guide Thanks for reading this How to Unlock Brawlers Guide and Feel free to discuss and leave a comment below