Brawl Stars Tier List December

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Brawl Stars Tier List V8 Hello fellow Brawlers! I’m KairosTime, and it is time to talk about Brawl Stars Tier List V8 or Brawl Stars Tier List December , I wanted to give the community some info you need to know which brawlers are good in which game modes to succeed. Enjoy so come and take a look at Brawl Stars Tier List V8 ListBrawl Stars Tier List December

Brawl Stars Tier List V8 By KairosTime


Couple of points.


  1. Supercell’s goal isn’t to balance higher rarity Brawlers to be stronger than others. Their goal is to have Brawlers that have unique or special mechanics be more rare than others. With a super jump that shoots out 14 daggers twice, and a poison effect over long range, he’s a legendary, despite not being as competitive as the other two Brawlers
  2. The trick to Crow is to keep your distance and keep people poisoned for a long period of time. This keeps them from healing up, and forces them to fall back until then poison wears off, which gives your team a chance to push up. This is why he’s a solid option on Heist 👍 hope that helps!

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