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Hi Guys Greenice from Reddit Alpha is here and today i a going to show you you guys Brawl Stars Spend Elixir Guide” Best Way To Spend Elixir In Brawl Stars ” Since the game came out  A lot of people are not sure on how they should spend elixir on the game so I have made a quick guide just to show what I believe to be the most efficient way to spend elixir. I will be showing the priority order in which each stat should be upgraded for each brawler (e.g. Colt = Attack > Ultra > Health.) Aswell as a reason why. So come and take a look at this Brawl Stars Spend Elixir Guide gudie

Brawl Stars Spend Elixir Guide

Brawl Stars Spend Elixir Guide

Shelly = Attack > Health > Ultra

  • Shelly is probaby the most balanced when it comes to upgrading and the order doesn’t really matter that much but health + attack seem to be slightly more important as they will allow you to kill other shellys more easily. Attack allows you to collect boxes quicker on Showdown.

Colt = Attack > Ultra > Health


  • Because colt’s attack contains many seperate shots, upgrading his attack (or ultra) will give a bonus to every shot he fires. Therefore, this is the best upgrade to do. Colt rarely engages directly with the enemy so health isn’t as important

El Primo = Attack > Health > Ultra

  • Similar to Colt, each individual punch is upgraded so attack is the most efficient. Defence just makes him more tanky and likely to kill another El Primo. Ultra is mostly used defensively to escape so it is not very inportant to do lots of damage.

Poco = Health > Ultra > Attack

  • As Poco’s main aim is supposed to be healing, you may think that ultra would be the highest priority but because Poco is also pretty good at engaging with the enemy, defence allows him to maximise his time in the arena to either build up to his ultra or actually perform it, also it increases his max health so actual healing is more effective.

Nita = Ultra > Health > Attack

  • This is quite self-explanatory. BBB is ridiculously good and pretty much makes up nita, upgrading her allows you to increase BBBs health and attack so you are getting 2 for one. Increased health allows her to stay on the field for just that little bit longer to maybe get an extra hit which goes towarda her ultra.

Jessie = Ultra > Attack > Health

  • Similar to Nita, upgrading Jessie’s ultra increases it’s health and also attack. Attack is very useful also as it increases Jessie’s chance of finishing off a weakened enemy with her chain shots.

Brock = Ultra > Attack > Health

  1. Brock is a long ranged unit so his attack and ultra are most important. Ultra allows you to do high damage in a high area which is most useful and his rockets already do high damage at level 1

Barley = Attack > Ultra > Health

  • Rarely engages directly with enemy and his attack offers very good area denial so increasing the damage makes the area denial even more punishing. Ultra has the same effect and also makes him very effective on Heist while attacking.

Dynamike = Attack > Health > Ultra

  • Similar to Barley, his attack is quite weak so a bit of extra damage can help greatly. Health just allows him to get that extra shot in or escape if he needs to. His Ultra is mostly used for area denial to get brawlers to run away from the area so it rarely makes contact.

Ricochet = Attack > Ultra > Health

  • Just like colt, he is long ranged and barely directly engages with the enemy. Due to this, health is not as important. His attack also gets a boost for every bullet fired so the total damage goes up significantly for this ultra and attack.

Bo = Attack > Ultra > Health

  • Long ranged troop so he follows the same concept as the other long ranged brawlers. Health is not very important as he rarely engages although he does engage slightly more than other ranged brawlers. His attack has 3 arrows per shot so attack seems to be the most effective (his ultra gives him 3 mines per use also.)

I do not own any of the other brawlers so the next part of the guide is based solely off of observations made while playing against them as I have played against each brawler at least once. If you own any of the brawlers please leave a comment so that I can add it to the guide and will mention your name as well

Bull = Attack > Health > Ultra

  • Ultra is mostly used to get away, similarly to el primo and increasing attack allows him to collect boxes faster during showdown.

Mortis = Health > Attack > Ultra

  • Mortis seems to mostly be a brawler used mostly for area denial and just being able to cover large areas of the arena in small amounts of time. This usually leads to him being hit a lot so extra health can help him.

For the legendaries, I have not seen them enough to make a reasonable judgement but I think if you have legendaries you probably have enough elixir to max them out completely anyway 🙂

However, from what I have seen, I believe Spike = Attack > Ultra > Health and Crow = Attack > Health > Ultra.

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Thanks for reading this Brawl Stars Spend Elixir Guide Please let me know  If you own any of the brawlers please leave a comment so that I can add it to the guide and will mention your name as we