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Hi Guys XGamezz here and In This Brawl Stars Showdown Tips guide I will Show you how to do your very best in showdown While you might not always get first place but you can always try to ensure you’re getting some trophy gain. Without further ado

As Far as This showdown game mode is the best way to earn trophies For many Players, because In this mode you can hide in bushes and wait until everyone fights each other and dies. This way, you can rank up faster the brawler you know how to play the least Check Out this Brawl Stars Showdown Tips Guide Read Here 

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Brawl Stars Showdown Tips

Brawl Stars Showdown Tips

Play defensive. Do not attack other players first. If they attacked you, either run or stand your ground. Don’t chase players, chances are it’ll backfire and you’ll lose. Don’t try to steal other boxes that people are already going for, again it’ll probably backfire on you. Do this until

  1. Form Alliances. This is the controversial one, as many, many players are against it. That being said, team with players who you can eliminate easily in case you make final three or they betray early on. That being said, number three!
  2. Don’t betray your teammates! That is, unless the opportunity arises, i.e they are quite low on health, its the final four, etc. Be warned, however, as your teammate is probably thinking of how to betray you too!
  3. Boxes, Boxes, Boxes! Collect boxes, obviously, but be careful… the more boxes you have the bigger target you have on your back. Collect up to five or six, any more and you’ll see a lot more teams forming against you.
  4. Take out your biggest competition early, as later on when they have more boxes they will be a lot harder to kill. This includes the meta’s, for example, Barley and Mike.
  5. Check those Bushes! Last thing you want is to be ambushed by a high-damage-up-close kind of brawler (looking at you, Bull and Primo users). Fire a few rounds into these bushes, or, avoid them completely.
  6. Always save 1-2 ammo, when destroying boxes. Never empty your attacks. You never want to be ambushed by an enemy with no ammunition. Instead, only use one ammo at a time, and only use again once that fills up. To your enemy it gives the impression that you’re out of ammo, when in reality you have two bullets stocked and ready for blasting!
  7. Always stay cautious when teaming. If your brawler can throw over walls, always keep a wall between you and your team. If your brawler has far range, keep your distance between you and your team. If your brawler has close range, always try and stay close to your team.
  8. Let others do the fighting. Lets say its final three — a Shelly and a Primo are going at it — just wait. Let them slowly wither themselves, and, once one of them goes down and the other is low on health, swoop in and attack with the fury of one thousand suns. Just like that, first place.

Follow these nine rules to success and you too can win showdown matches like there’s no tomorrow. Happy brawling Also Check Out blow Post

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Thanks for reading this Brawl Stars Showdown Tips Guide Please let me know if there’s any big holes I’ve left open, and have fun testing some of these out!