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Hi Brawl Stars Nita Guide Guys oxolane here and In this Brawl Stars Nita Guide, I will share some advanced tips with Brawl Stars Nita Guide and hopefully help you use her better. Let me first start out with some info about Nita so come and take a look at this Brawl Stars Nita Guide :

Brawl Stars Nita Guide

“Nita Littlefoot is the latest in a long line of Tribal shamans. Her spirit animal is the Big Baby Bear.”


Brawl Stars Nita Guide Stats

  1. Health: 800
  2. Damage: 160/attack
  3. Super: Spawns a bear with 1000 HP that deals 100 damage.
  4. Nita’s bear is arguably the strongest super ability in the game (I will explain and justify this later)
  5. Nita has a fast attack recharge
  6. Nita has a narrow, low range attack
  7. You cannot have more than one bear on the map; the first one disappears as soon as the second one touches the ground.

Nita Guide Pre-Bear Playstyle: Because of Nita’s small attack range and strong super, you want to adopt a passive-aggressive playstyle. Your main goal at the beginning of the match is to farm your bear up (the strongest super in the game).

Start off matches by walking along the flanks of the map, hiding in bushes. You want look for opportunities to get a few hits off onto enemies, thereby charging your super.

  1. One common occurrence is when you are hiding in the bushes on the middle-left or right side of the map and an enemy walks into the middle of the map. You can briefly pop out and move in range to get some shots off. If you can kill them, great. This will give your team more map control. But if you have doubts or you can not kill the enemy brawler, don’t worry. Simply retreat back towards your spawn or into the bushes.
  2. A second common situation is when enemy brawlers are in an area a little above their spawn zone. If you can get behind or close to them and get a few hits off, go for it. Be ready to immediately retreat if one off them starts trying to target you. If they try to chase you, move backwards and shoot at the same time; your fast attack speed and fast reload speed will help you stay on top.
  3. It is not very common that you will be seeking to kill a brawler in pre-bear play; but for low health brawlers or long range “clumsy” brawlers like Jessie, Brock, and Ricochet, you can sometimes move in and go for the kill shot. You three bursts of attack, if aimed properly, can do a base 480 damage, and your fast reload speed allows you to get in a fourth attack pretty quickly, totaling 640 base damage, enough to take out Colt, Jessie, Brock, Rico, Piper, and other brawlers. Be careful and don’t get too greedy; you main goal is to stay alive as long as possible and farm your bear.

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Nita Guide Post-Bear Playstyle: Ok, so you farmed your bear. Now it is time to make the most out of it. The most important thing to know about the bear is that if it does damage to an enemy, it will charge your super.

This makes it very easy to farm subsequent bears if played correctly. The bear is whole new player and force on the field. If you place a bear in a certain area, you are essentially forcing enemies out of the area.

This means you can use your bear to drive enemies from an objective, shield you or your teammates, buy time, or corner enemies. Here are some of the most effective bear plays:

  1. Cornering: This an easy and effective use of the bear. If you an enemy ventures to the side of the map behind cover, you can throw a bear diagonally behind him, opposite from the cover. This gives the enemy no room to escape, and ensures your bear will get 2+ swings on the enemy. Combined with your attacks, you can take out the enemy easily and charge up the next bear!
  2. Bear from Behind: You can utilize this second play when an enemy is very close to you, within attack range. You can throw a bear behind him, which will force the player towards you and your team. Usually, you and the bear can take out the enemy alone, but team members nearby can preserve you and your bear’s health. Furthermore, you are low in health, doing this is the best way to charge up the next bear and weaken/kill the enemy.
  3. Flanking Bear: This tactic is especially useful when you have long range shooters like ricochet or piper on your team. If an opponent is on the flanks of the map with cover behind him, you can throw a bear towards the flank he is on. The bear will walk towards him, and if placed properly, the enemy will have no where to run except the middle, where (since all maps have an open middle) your long ranged teammates can snipe the enemy.
  4. Protection bear: Your bear can provide a beefy meat shield in the last moments of the match or to protect a teammate (including yourself) with low HP or a lot of gems.

In essence, these bear tactics help you take out opponents and give you map control on modes like S/G. If you stick to the passive-aggressive play mentioned in pre-bear play, it becomes easy to farm a subsequent bears and retain map control. With the bear on the map, it does allow you to be more aggressive, but know your limits and when in doubt, take the safer route.

Miscellaneous Tips: – Try to avoid throwing a bear into Bull or Shelly; these brawlers can kill it in 2-3 shots at close range. Likewise, try to target characters like Bo, Jessie, Poco, and Barley, who have low base damage.

Remember that Poco and Nita’s attacks go through other brawlers, so your bear cannot shield their attacks from you or your teammates. – Do not throw the bear into the enemy spawn unless you are finishing off a weakened enemy

it usually gets shredded by newly spawn, invincible enemy brawlers. – Remember that the bear gives your team map control; don’t give this up by dying.

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