Brawl Stars Mortis Guide

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Hu Guys Brawl Stars Mortis Guide StealthyNarwhal225 here I haven’t really seen many Brawl Stars Mortis Guide out there, and he’s a fun character to play with, but difficult to master so I decided to make Brawl Stars Mortis Guide and Mortis is different from the other brawlers because instead of attacking regularly, he dashes forward with his shovel, essentially teleporting. This attack is useful in so many ways So Come and take a look at this Brawl Stars Mortis Guide

Brawl Stars Mortis Guide

Basics Mortis is a very unique brawler. His attack is different because he moves every time, which makes him very mobile and good at dodging.

His star power is also helpful because it heals him a lot. After the update, his star power made him much better, even though I personally think he needs a health/damage buff.


I think if they buffed him to a max of 3900-4000 and damage to a max of 900-1000, that would be enough to make him better but not overpowered.


Attack: When he attacks(max of 846), he moves in the direction of the attack. This makes him good at dodging and fast. It’s also helpful for quick escapes.

Health: He has a low-medium amount of health(max of 3780).

Super: Mortis sends out a swarm of bats, which take enemy health and gives it to him. The bats go through walls and have long range and spread.

Star Power: Mortis’ star power fits his character really well. Whenever an enemy player is killed by him or his teammates, they drop a green skull. If Mortis picks it up, he gets 1200 hp, which is about a third of his health. The skulls never go away, but there can’t be more than ten on the battlefield at once.

Brawl Stars Mortis Guide Basic strategies

Bounty: In bounty, mortis is okay depending on the map. If the map has a lot of bushes, he will do better than a longer ranged map like shooting star. St the beginning, don’t go for the middle star. Head to the bushes ASAP so your opponents don’t know where you are. Wait for brawlers to come by who aren’t at full health, then jump out, do some damage, and go back into the bushes. Don’t directly attack people unless they have a lot of stars.

Smash and Grab: Mortis is okay in SnG. He mostly plays an assassin-type role. You usually won’t be the gem carrier, so don’t go for gems unless you have to because he is easily 2 shot. Let your teammates collect gems while you get kills.

Heist: Mortis is bad in heist. He doesn’t do much damage and has low range and health.

Brawl Ball: Mortis is fun in brawl ball. Let your teammates get the kills while you be the ball handler. At the beginning of the match, wait for your opponents to unload there attacks, the rush and double tap to escape. Wait for the enemy team to be caught off guard, then rush in and score. Also wait for teammates to lure opponents away before scoring.

Showdown: Mortis is also pretty fun in showdown. You can break boxes, but that take a while. A better strategy is to either kill some low health brawlers at the beginning or wait in the bushes by a box. When another brawler breaks it, rush in and steal it then get away. This is a risky strategy, but is very effective.

Boss Brawl: As a boss, Mortis isn’t the best. His super and passive healing are needed a lot so they aren’t as effective, but he does decent damage and can easily escape. When he isn’t the boss he’s not as good. He doesn’t do much damage and his passive is useless.

Robo Rumble: In robo rumble, mortis doesn’t do too well. He is good at distracting the bots, but doesn’t do enough damage to really be effective, and most bots are melee so he will take a lot of damage

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Well that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this Brawl Stars Mortis Guide. Mortis is a fun brawler so good luck with him