Brawl Stars Gems Guide

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Hi Brawl Stars Gems Guide Guys AL_Matteus here and This Brawl Stars Gems Guide article may not be useful for players that do not buy gems This Brawl Stars Gems Guide Will Help You Buy Gems See This Brawl Stars Gems Guide In Depth

I do hope this helps those who do buy gems and possible if they do make gems attainable through free-to-play. In this article, I will discuss the most beneficial ways to use gems and the amount you save through paying money.

Boxes There are currently two options to purchase here. The normal Brawl Box and the BIG Box. The BIG Box is more profitable in that it is 20% off. If you’re going to be buying boxes, I’d recommend the BIG Box over the Brawl Box.


Brawl Stars Gems Guide

Boxes with guaranteed Brawlers I do not recommend buying any of these boxes. Though you are guaranteed a certain rarity, in my opinion, the Brawl Boxes you open are much better. I’d say that maybe it may be worth it to you if you don’t currently have any Brawler in the rarity to which you are purchasing, however, getting a duplicate Brawler after purchasing one of the Guaranteed Boxes will be a huge waste.

Brawl Stars Gems Guide

Gem Packs Of course the most expensive option is always the most profitable, however, not everyone is willing to spend that much. Rather than stating the most profitable option, I will create a table to show the additional gems you are getting from the original pack.

Brawl Stars Gems Guide And Gem Packs

Gem Pack Number of gems Additional Gems
Fistful of Gems 30 0
Pouch of Gems 80 5
Satchel of Gems 170 20
Bucket of Gems 350 50
Crate of Gems 900 150
Haul of Gems 1850 350


The best way to spend gems The best way to spend gems is using boosters. With just the Coin Doubler alone, with a 50 gem purchase,

you will be basically purchasing a BIG Box and saving a whole 30 gems. With the Coin Booster and the Coin Doubler combined,

you will be earning the most amount of coins and opening the most boxes for what you paid for. You will have to wait longer rather than opening a ton of BIG Boxes, but in the long run, it is way better.

I hope this article helped people that do use gems or plan on using gems.

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