Brawl Stars Game Modes

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Hi Guys Coach Cory here and today i am going to show you All Brawl Stars Game Modes Guide For New Players On each game mode  I’ve been top 200 in Brawl Stars for about a year (actually just fell out of it, couldn’t play for a week 😕) and I wanted to give some Brawl Stars Game Modes Guide to all the new Brawl Stars players so come and take alook at this guide Also Check out here Brawl Stars Beginners Guide 2018 | Brawl Stars Tips For New Players 2018


Brawl Stars Game Modes



Brawl Stars Game Modes Guide Specific Tips

Gem Grab:

  1. Try not to pick up gems if you are not a brawler that is suited for it – often you want a brawler that has high health and medium to long range to pick up gems, like Poco, Pam, or Bo
  2. Once your team gets 10 gems start going back towards your spawn – this way if you die and drop them you will be closer to them once you respawn


  1. Always check grass for enemies before you walk by them – often enemies lurk in the grass waiting for you!
  2. As you get higher in trophies you might want to start teaming with enemies. This is done by both you and an enemy spinning in a circle, this can create a temporary “alliance.” However, this can be broken at any time by either you or your new “ally.” But, a team of 2 is often stronger than a team of 1

Duo Showdown:

  1. Don’t be too aggressive or you could end up fighting multiple teams
  2. Try to push one team into another
  3. Keep in mind the 15 second respawn timer for teammates, you could chase a single brawler only to quickly encounter their newly spawned, and briefly invincible, teammate


  1. If the enemy team has a Darryl or Bull that has their super, make sure you have at least one person back by your safe to defend against them
  2. Use Darryl or Bull, and super to the enemy safe when it isn’t well defended


  1. Long range brawlers are king in bounty, brawlers like Brock, Piper, Ricochet, Colt, and Bo
  2. Once you get around half health go and heal up before attacking again, the key to winning bounty is not dying (duh)

Brawl Ball:

  1. Try to destroy the walls around the enemy goal, this creates more opportunities for you to shoot it at their goal. Also try not to destroy the walls around your goal!
  2. If your team is under a lot of pressure and you get the ball, kick it to the one of the bottom corners of the map, this will make it hard for the enemy to get the ball as you (potentially) respawn near it

Thanks toCoach_Cory  for  Sharing this  Brawl Stars Game Modes Guide for now! If you have any other good tips for new players feel free to leave them below also Check Out his  Brawl Stars Beginners Guide 2018 | Brawl Stars Tips For New Players 2018