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Brawl Stars Frank Tips 2019 | Best Brawl Stars Frank Guide 2019

Hi guys Brawl Stars Frank Tips 2019 | Best Brawl Stars Frank Guide 2019  StarsStupidEnclave Here with my new Brawl Stars Frank Guide 2019 | How to Use Frank Brawl Stars and Isometimes see people having trouble with Frank, as he is a very difficult brawler to master. I was lucky enough to get him near the Christmas update and since then have been able to get him to 350 by playing a medley of brawl ball, the showdown, and gem grab. I sometimes play with teammates but I usually play with randoms. Quick disclaimer, I am not a very good player. I am a 2.8k player who started on global release and loves to play Brawl Stars. Here is what I have learned about Frank over the course of playing.


Brawl Stars Frank Tips 2019 | Best Brawl Stars Frank Gudie 2019 Basics

First, let’s look at his basic attack, Hammer hit. Hammer hit is an AoE fan attack, similar to Poco. Hammer Hit has a range of 6 ( Poco’s Range is 7), has a 60 degree coverage and has a reload speed of 0.8 seconds, which is the fastest in the game. The attack will deal 1200 to 1680 damage ( based on Franks lvl) and Will pierce through enemies. However, this attack has a stall before that attack is actually complete, taking 0.5 seconds for Hammer hit to complete. This will cause Frank to be unable to move while the stall is active, leaving you vulnerable while starting an attack.

Next, let’s look at his super, Stunning Blow. Stunning blow is also an AoE fan attack. Stunning Blow has a range of 7 so it will be a bit larger than Hammer Hit, but the same 60 degree coverage. The attack will deal the same 1200-1680 damage ( based on Frank’s lvl) and will pierce through enemies and destroy any walls in the area. The attack has a larger 1 second stall before the attack is launched, leaving you exposed for damage or for enemies to run away. However, enemies hit by the attack. However, and enemy hit by this attack is stunned for 2 seconds.

Finally let’s look at Frank himself. Frank is in the Heavyweight class, and he will have between 5800- 8120 health (based on Frank’s lvl). He will also have a movement speed of 770 ( same as El Primo/ Bull), which will allow him to escape or pursue enemies better. His star Power is Called Power Grab and is similar to Mortis, but instead he gets a 30% damage boost for 10 seconds after getting a kill. He is an epic rarity brawler, so he will be a bit difficult to get for newer players.

Brawl Stars Frank Tips 2019 | Best Brawl Stars Frank Gudie 2019 Strategy

Brawl Stars Frank Tips 2019

Many players find getting any kills with Frank to be difficult because of his long stall before an attack. However, unlike El primo and Bull, he will play a different role in a team. Instead of being a close range brawler, he shines in making space for his teammates. Primo, Darryl, and Bull all specialize in high up close damage and assassinating enemies. Frank is unique as he will do best in pushing enemies away from key positions. His attack will pierce through enemies, making it difficult for lower health enemies to come through a choke, even with a high health enemy protecting them. Brawl Stars Frank Guide 2019

Frank players should avoid being heavily aggressive and playing him like the other heavyweights as he does not have the damage to back himself up. Instead, he should use his attack to push enemies back and create space. You should apply pressure to enemies by denying a zone to the enemies and controlling the map.

This can be done by using your base attack to ward of enemies. Enemies will either have to run from you or face taking pretty large amounts of damage. However, enemies will try to use ranged attacks to whittle you down and then push in once you are low and unable to deny that space. When that happens, use walls to avoid damage and still guard key points. Brawl Stars Frank Guide 2019


Another issue you may run into are high HP enemies like El primo and bull pushing through your choke. Sadly, there is almost no way you can 1v1 a Bull or Primo at close range and win consistently. Your best option to deal with tanky enemies is to keep them at the range or to fall back. If you are playing in a group, try to play with a high DPS brawler to help deal with Franks weakness. Also, don’t be afraid to use your attack ward off enemies, even if you can’t hit anyone. Frank has a fast reload speed and enemies will be pushed away from the choke point.

Since he has a very different gameplay style for different modes, I will be splitting this up into different sections

Gem Grab

Frank will most likely be a Front LineBrawler with his high health and large AoE. His job will be to zone enemies away from the gem mine. Unlike the other Heavyweights, he has a significantly larger range, and will be better suited for keeping enemies away. Look for maps with clearly defined choke points and lanes for the best use of him. Frank should not be a gem carrier, but he can due to his faster movement and high HP.

Brawl Ball

This mode is very good for frank as his high HP and ability to stun enemies is very important. During faceoffs, use your attack to punish people who get too close to the ball, similar to how he denies a choke. This can be a very easy way to get an early super, as he only needs 3 hits in order to get his super. His super is incredibly useful in this mode.Brawl Stars Frank Guide 2019

One such use is stopping an enemy ball carrier, as the stun will cause the enemy to lose the ball and open them up for damage. Another use is opening up scoring opportunities for teammates. Stunned enemies are unable to stop the ball, making his super great for using in front of the net. The super will destroy the boxes usually in front of the net, and will stun anyone trying to block a shot. These will allow Frank to quickly shift the match with his super.Brawl Stars Frank Guide 2019


Frank is very good in this gamemode, especially on maps like Feast or Famine or Thousand lakes as they have a large grouping of boxes in one area, and allows Frank to hit them all and get easy power points. Similarly to Poco, he can bush check very well with his AoE fan attack. Similarly to other modes, use your attack to ward off enemies or punish enemies that come too close.

Even without a lot of power cubes he can be pretty dangerous. It is best to either have a close ranged brawler to counter enemy close ranged brawlers, or have a long range brawler to keep enemies at a distance.


Although Frank will be more flexible with teammates, here are some teammates that will work well with him and enemies that work well against him.

Great Teammates for Frank

Tara– Long Ranged, can deal burst damage to protect Frank, and Super pulls enemies together

Jessie– Turret will help Frank in close range and Jessie has a long ranged attack

Penny– Same as Jessie

Spike– Similar to Tara. Long Ranged, can deal burst to protect Frank, and super slows enemies for Frank to get easy kills

Pam– Can deal good close ranged damage and healing beacon will help Frank survive in frontline.

Good Teammates for Frank

Shelly, Primo, Bull, Leon- Close ranged to support Frank

Poco– Healing for supporting Frank, but not as effective as Pam

Piper, Brock- very long ranged to compliment Frank

No No Enemies

Shelly, Primo, Bull,Leon- Close ranged and able to easily kill Frank

Spike– ability to shoot around walls will push Frank back

Barley, Dynamike- Able to shoot over walls and push Frank back


– Use attack and health to push enemies back

– Guard important choke points

– Use super to open opportunities for teammates