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Hi Guys GlassCoconut here and As of now, EL Primo is the currently most overpowered card in the meta. This guide will show you how to Counter El Primo by using any character with a greater range. (If you are using bull, just hope you get those 400 damage shots in) so come and take a look at this Counter El Primo guide

Counter El Primo

El Primo (Tank) – Really tanky and can use his special to deal massive damage and escape when low on hp. Really hard to run away from him

This method will work in any situation where El Primo does not already have his special activated, or close to activating.


  1. Use tap to move as your movement choice. This is not a requirement, however, this prevents you from losing speed and allowing El Primo to gain distance on you. Can be changed in settings by tapping “Joystick”.
  2. Stay out of range of El Primo to begin with, even if you are hidden in grass. If you are already in range and do not have a great health advantage, El Primo will likely defeat you. If you have many crystals, do your best to come to your side and get close to your teammates so that they may either defeat him or grab some of your crystals. If you have an ability and you are in range of El Primo, use it immediately.
  3. If you start outside of range, tap in a location and move away from him once he reaches your range. From here, you will have to constantly snipe him while keeping distance. Only turn nearby rocks so that he may not gain distance by taking a diagonal shortcut.
  4. Continue #3 until he is targeting on someone else or gives up. then, pursue him if you want him to die (While staying out of his range) or run away to gain a “surprise location” advantage.

You have defeated a singular El Primo if he has no backup. Do your best to avoid running into the range of your allies if you believe he is close to his special so that he will not gain his special ability. If he uses his special, change your direction and attempt to stay out of his range.

TL;DR: Stay out of range of as many players as possible and snipe him without allowing him to gain distance.

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This is a small Guide but I will update this page very soon or i will add some additional Infornation in this guide Thanks for reading this How to Counter El Primo Guide and Feel free to discuss and leave a comment below