Brawl Stars Colt Tips 2019 | Best Brawl Stars Colt Guide 2019

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Brawl Stars Colt Tips 2019 | Best Brawl Stars Colt Guide 2019

Brawl Stars Colt Tips 2019 | Best Brawl Stars Colt Guide 2019


Hi guys Brawl Stars Colt Tips 2019 | Best Brawl Stars Colt Guide 2019 today I am going to show you Brawl Stars Colt Tips 2019 And This Brawl Stars Colt Tips 2019 | How to play Colt in Brawl Stars will help you to Win More brawl Stars game so we all know that ” Colt admires his accuracy when he lights ‘em up with his shiny pistols. His super shreds cover and extends the bullet barrage. “


Colt is a semi-long range Brawler with a relatively quick reload speed, high damage, and mediocre health. Colt may be one of the worst Brawlers when the user is underskilled, but he is one of the best when the user knows how to play him.

The key to playing Colt is predicting your opponent’s pathing. This allows to land most of your shots, dealing a ton of damage to your opponents. With Colt, you want to be staying back assisting your allies, while destroying opponents with your punishing damage.

Even though Colt is best used at long range, he still manages to shine up close as it gets easier to hit all your shots. Colt is one of the strongest counters to Brawlers like Shelly or El Primo, as they need to get close to deal damage to you, and the closer they get, the easier it gets to land a lot of shots. Most of the time, you will be able to almost kill them once they get close to you.

With Colt, you want to save your Super to break open walls; this opens up the map, making it harder for opponents to hide. You want to be careful though because if you have close range brawlers on your own team, it can make it harder for them to approach opponents too.

Colt shines in most game modes, as he is a very well-rounded and versatile Brawler. His range allows him to shine in Bounty, while his damage allows him to shine in Brawl Ball, Heist, and Gem Grab.

One of the best ways to counter Colt would be to practice dodging, as this makes it harder for Colt to hit shots, and they often go near their allies for help. During this, you can get assistance from your allies as well.

How to Play Colt in Brawl Stars Gamemodes:

Brawl Stars Colt Tips 2019 | Best Brawl Stars Colt Guide 2019

Brawl Stars Colt Tips Bounty: GOOD

Colt is easily a great Brawler in Bounty due to his long range and high damage. His recent nerfs have affected him a lot, in this mode more than others, because the range is pretty much essential for Bounty in high trophy games, and Colt’s recent nerf decreased his effectiveness at filling in the ranged Brawler role. With Colt’s range nerf, you’ll find yourself depending on teammates more often.

With playing Colt in Bounty, you want to be staying back near spawn, focusing on one opponent until they’re either dead or retreated. You want to use your first and sometimes second Super if necessary to break walls, making it harder for your opponents to hide from long range attacks.

Supers, after you have broken open walls, should be saved for a specific situation, you shouldn’t just use it every time you have the chance, that’s basically wasting it. In maps like Terracotta Square and Outlaw Camp you should stay on the sides and stop any tanks from flanking you; it’s slightly easier with Colt because you’re not punished as heavily if you miss, due to his fast reload time.

In Shooting Star and Star Gulch, you want to either go in one of the sides or the middle and battle it out with other long-range Brawlers, you want to be avoiding Pipers and to a certain extent Ricochets as much as possible, due to them outranging you and still dealing a ton of damage.

The recent change to Cabbage Patch has reduced his effectiveness on the map, but your strategy is still pretty simple; you want to be staying behind your walls and using your Supers to destroy your enemies’, other than that you want to stay close to an ally, not two at the same time as that makes it much easier for AOE Brawlers to kill all of you at once.

In Maps like Temple Ruins, you either want to stay to the side and make sure no tanks are flanking you, or go to the center and battle it out with other long-range Brawlers. Either way, you still want to be assisting your teammates, as it is a team game and you can’t win by playing solo. I advise you to not play him in Snake Prairie, as it’s really easy for tanks to get close to you and kill you easily; his grass breaking capabilities are useful on that map, though not as much as Brock’s.

Brawl Stars Colt Tips 2019 Gem Grab:

Colt used to be considered as one of the top three Brawlers in Gem Grab due to his long range and massive damage, and if you had him maxed, his speed helped out a lot as well. His recent nerfs have toned him down a bit, but he’s still easily in the top ten.

With Colt, you want to be playing one of two roles, support or gem carrier

As a support, your main goal is to stop tanks from flanking, while at the same time cross shooting to the other side to assist your main gem carrier. In Hard Rock Mine and Bone Box, you want to go either to the right side and stop the tanks from flanking, as well as cross shooting lanes to protect your gem carrier.

This is essential if you want to gain map control. In both of these maps, you want to destroy central walls near the opponent’s side, for this can make it easier to keep control as the match goes on, especially if you have two long-range Brawlers.

Crystal Cavern would be one of his top maps; this map is very open, so it’s easy to hit your shots. You want to use your first Super to break one of the pillars in the opponent’s side of the map and save the others for critical situations, like hitting multiple opponents at once.

I wouldn’t advise playing Colt in Temple Catacombs, Deep Hollows or Crystal Cavern, as there are multiple other Brawlers that outclass Colt in this map, but if you do play him do the same strategies we mentioned above.

As a gem carrier, it’s much riskier and requires much more practice to be able to consistently win, but you should be staying near the gem mine, cross shooting towards the other opponents to assist your allies. This makes it easier to control the map.

His Star Power helps out a lot, as it makes it easier for you to dodge shots and survive. Colt isn’t recommended as a gem carrier, but that doesn’t mean he can’t work.


Although Showdown is arguably Colt’s worst game mode, that doesn’t mean he’s bad here. It just means he’s better elsewhere. With Colt, you want to be going for the boxes immediately, and once you have one or two power-ups, your main objective is to find a team.

Yes, you might not like teaming, but as the description of the mode says, you should “use any means necessary, for you only have one life.” You want to be teaming with two other people at the most because being in a team of three or more make it hard for all to stay together, and you will often find people backstabbing you.

Brawlers you want to team with could be Crow, Ricochet, Colt, Piper, Barley, Dynamike, Brock, Spike, and Bo. You don’t want to team with Jessie because you’ll often find situations where her turret will start attacking you. Same goes for Nita’s bear.

You don’t want to team with Poco, Mortis, and Pam because they will often serve little to no utility in a team. You don’t want to team with Shelly, Bull, Darryl, Tara, or El Primo either because they’ll often backstab you, sometimes even right as they get close to you. You want to start betraying your team when there are about 3-4 people left.

In a big team, you never want to be the first to backstab, because most often they’ll attack you first and die first.

The best Showdown map for Colt would be Feast Or Famine, as it’s easy to get quick kills. You want to be trying to get a quick kill at the start, either on an inactive player or an unsuspecting player. This makes it easier for you as the match goes on, as fewer people would need to die in order for you to earn trophies.

Brawl Stars Colt Tips 2019 Brawl Ball:GREAT

In Brawl Ball, which is easily Colt’s best mode currently, your main goal as said Brawler is to keep opponents back with attacks. You never want to hold on to the ball, as you’ll easily lose it due to your mediocre health.

You want to use your Super to break the walls near their goal, as this makes it much easier to score later on. You only want to use your Supers on opponents once the walls in front of the goal are gone.

In Backyard Bowl and Pinhole Punt, you want to be shooting straight at the ball at the start. This guarantees you get some hits charge your Super, and also pushes your opponents back, making it easier for your team to get ball possession.

In Triple Dribble, after you break open the walls in front of the goal, you want to use your next Supers to destroy some of your opponents walls because this map has a lot of them, which makes Colt worse. Once you clear open those walls, it’ll be much easier for you to kill opponents.

Brawl Stars Colt Tips 2019 Heist :

Colt used to be a necessity in Heist in order to be successful, but with the recent range nerfs we have started seeing Brocks, and, to a certain extent, Ricochets being used as substitutions for Colt. If you want to use Colt, you also need a Dynamike on your team.

On Defense, you want to use your Supers to destroy walls as usual, and the sole purpose of your main attack is to keep opponents back. It doesn’t matter if you don’t regenerate health because not attacking for 5 seconds to regenerate, gives you opponents 5 seconds to go up the map. The reason for not stopping to regenerate is to keep your opponents back, as mentioned above because it gives your opponents a choice of either hiding or receives a punishing amount of damage. You want to be careful in tanks charging in, as Colt is the one who can deal with them best, due to his DPS.

On Offense you want to break open specific walls in order to open up extra choke points, making it easier for your team to advance up the map. While breaking those walls, you want to make sure you’re hitting the safe as well. An easy tactic with Colt can be waiting for your opponents to get distracted by your teammates, then sneak up one of the sides and start shooting the safe as much as possible. Depending on the map, every round of ammo by Colt can do about 7-9% damage to the safe, so even getting just three rounds of ammo on the safe can deal between 21-27% damage, which is a lot.

Brawl Stars Colt Tips 2019 Robo Rumble

Despite his nerfs, Colt remains to be one of the top Brawlers in Robo Rumble. The reason for this is his DPS. His damage allows him to defend very well in the early waves, especially against bosses. While his Super combined with a Ricochet’s or Barley’s, it can easily hold off the higher waves. The key to Colt here is going to one of the sides and staying there, killing robots only a couple seconds after they spawn. This allows your team to push up, making it harder for robots to approach your safe.Brawl Stars Colt Tips 2019

Brawl Stars Colt Tips 2019 Boss Fight:

Colt is a very good Brawler when attacking the Boss, but he’s not as good when he’s the Boss, due to his low health, not to mention the brand new health decay added with the March update, and the fact that you need to wait one second to finish your ammo before you can fire again. This can be considered as an advantage in some cases, like when you finish your ammo, you pretty much have another ammo recharged, basically having infinite ammo, but this is an overall disadvantage as it can take a lot of time to deal with opponents, especially when all five of your opponents attack you at once.Brawl Stars Colt Tips 2019


This composition can work across many different game modes, mainly due to it containing many different aspects that can complete a team. The semi-long range damage dealer Colt, the long-range sniper Brock/Ricochet, and the close range heavy tank, or supporting thrower. In Heist, it’s recommended to use Brock and a thrower. In Brawl Ball it’s recommended to use Brock and a tank. In Robo Rumble, it’s recommended to use Ricochet and a thrower. In all other game modes, the choice is up to you.Brawl Stars Colt Tips 2019


This combo works well in Bounty, mainly due to its range. In higher trophy games, the range becomes the main focus in Bounty, and this composition has a lot of range. As Colt, you want to be keeping opponents back while opening the map up with your Super. As Crow you want to keep hitting your opponents, then run back every 4-5 seconds. This keeps your opponents poisoned, making them unable to regenerate health, and keeping them at low health; making it easy for Colt or the snipers to clean the opponent up.


This combo works very well for Gem Grab, as it can be really easy to maintain control of the map. With Colt, you want to support your gem carrier and demolish opponents with your damage once they get close to the gem mine.Brawl Stars Colt Tips 2019

As the gem carrier, you’ll have to do a lot of dodging shots to stay alive. This can take some practice to consistently pull off, but it can be worth it.

As the sniper, you want to assist Colt’s goal from the other side, keeping opponents back and destroying walls to make it easier to hit opponents. As a tank, you want to infiltrate your opponents base and spawn trap them.

This may be hard, and you may require the assistance of your teammates, but once you successfully pull it off, you can easily win that match.

Brawl Stars Colt Tips 2019 CONCLUSION

Colt is a very well-rounded Brawler that can require skill to play but becomes dominant once the user knows how to play him. The recent nerfs have hit him hard, but he’s still good, if not great, in all game modes.

That doesn’t mean he’s overpowered. He’s now, in fact, a perfect example of what a balanced Brawler should be.