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Hi Brawl Stars Colt Guide guys RandyZ524 This is My First Brawl Stars Colt Guide and I’d like to talk about my current favorite brawler Brawl Stars Colt Guide , Colt the gunner. While not nearly having the menacing presence of characters like El Primo, or being able to control crowds like Barley or Poco,

I still feel like Colt is quite viable and fun to use, despite being admittedly a pretty average brawler So come and take a look at this Colt Guide guide

Colt Guide


Who is Colt

  1. Long range attacks, can outrange Shelly
  2. High damage capacity, with a flurry of bullets that deal 80 damage at base level
  3. Very squishy with only 600 health
  4. Linear, single target shots, making him weak for crowd control

What do you need to do to survive as a Colt on the arena

  1. Hide! I like to start every crystal collection game by strafing to either the left or right grass, then gunning down any stragglers escaping the brawl with low HP.
  2. Be accurate! Missing shots is awful as Colt because of how vulnerable you can become. Colt players should have good aim and a knack for predicting movement, more so than characters like Shelly.
  3. Make your enemies easier to hit! Being a linear shooting brawler, Colt benefits from attacking enemies with limited movement options. One of the best places to take a Colt is along the sides of the arena, where you can shoot down the corridor and easily connect all your bullets to a single enemy.

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What can Colt do on a team

  1. Supports rushers (El Primo, Bull) with safe DPS, allowing these guys to take out mirrors.
  2. Picking off stragglers. The slower, dodgeable attackers (Dynamike, Barley) often have difficulty with finishing off enemies because of the nature of their attacks. Colt can strafe an area with bullets, making it very likely for one of them to hit the escaper.
  3. Providing support fire for short-ranged brawlers. El Primo’s principle weakness is his relatively short range, so properly spaced enemies can easily gun him down. Adding a Colt to the team can ensure that enemies can’t simply walk away from El Primo while predicting his movement; they must contest the high damage coming from Colt, creating an opening for El Primo to strike.

How about his Super

I’m personally not the biggest fan of his Super ability because of how prone it is to missing. Often times, you’ll fail to predict enemy movement and waste your ability.

This is why you should only use it when enemies are moving in predictable patterns/lines (such as enemies rushing in when the countdown isn’t in their favor).

The other place to use it is to take out far-off enemies with low HP. If you move while shooting your ability, you’ll create a large fan that can penetrate walls, making it ideal for finishing off brawlers hiding behind obstacles to regen.

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So Guys Thats It for today I Hope you All Like This Brawl Stars Colt Guide post Feel free to discuss and leave a comment below