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Hi guys fliiint here and I saw this requested for somewhere so I’m giving it a shot. Since the game has barely been out a day this list won’t be perfect, and I personally haven’t played VS all the characters. Please leave a comment if you believe anything should be fixed. The earlier you make a tier list in a game, the more likely things are to be wrong/things are to move so come and take a look at this Brawl Stars Characters Guide:

Brawl Stars Characters Guide

Brawl Stars Characters Guide and Basic Tier List

S Tier


  1. El Primo (Tank) – Really tanky and can use his special to deal massive damage and escape when low on hp. Really hard to run away from him Take a look at this page How to counter el primo
  2. Barley (Mixed) – Great control character. Throw his attack into the center to stop enemies from getting gems and his special is absolutely insane damage-wise

A Tier

  1. Nita (Mixed) – A very well rounded character. Good in defense with her bear to tank, good on offense with her bear to attack. In a direct confrontation without specials Nita will usually lose, but that rarely happens.
  2. Jessie (Mixed) – More of a defensive characters. Her stationary gun is really annoying to deal with and she can get a decent bit of damage off shooting enemies.
  3. Poco (Support) – His normal attack is extremely simple to use and almost always hits. Hard to 1v1, only easy way to kill him is taking him on as a team
  4. Shelly (Support) – Pretty basic character. Her gun is really good (requires little aim) and her special is average. She can work well as support, no real flaws

B Tier

  1. Colt (Support) – Long Range, great special, only reason he’s not A is that his attack is narrow and easy to dodge.
  2. Dynamike (Support) – While he’s good support, he can’t do much by himself. His best use is hiding behind a wall and chucking dynamite at opponents. In a direct confrontation he pretty much only wins if he has his special active. Can be annoying to deal with

C Tier

  1. Bull (Tank) – His special is complete garbage, and his gun has horrid range. El Primo is a tank that completely outclasses him. You are unlucky to pull him from a chest

I don’t know much about the other characters and don’t want to make an incorrect assumption. Please reply to this so I can properly tier the other characters.

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This is just a basic, first day tier list for players looking to see who is good. Feel free to discuss any of my rankings.