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Hi all, name is Jojoisa ( Ingame as well) and I am currently ranked in the top 50 characters in beta in the clan Reddit Gamma, which peaked top 2 in the region (World sorta) behind OJ and today we taking a look at this Brawl Stars Brawlers Guide

One major key to success in Brawl Stars is to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each character, or Brawlers.  In our first Brawl Stars strategy guide, we will take a close look at 4 Brawlers in the game:

Team Comps – Siege Setup: Nita for tank and Pushing in El Primo for Tank and casual face tank stuff. Shelly (or Colt) for Damage. (Ricochet is not very Viable imo)


Scariest one i’ve Seen: El Primo cause El Primo is busted duh, Nita with her Special Move and a rampaging El Primo cause for some snowballing, and Poco for support using his wide attacks and Healing ability to assist Nita and Primo. = Over powered 

Tips on Nita:

Brawl Stars Brawlers Guide Nita

Nita (Mixed) – A very well rounded character. Good in defense with her bear to tank, good on offense with her bear to attack. In a direct confrontation without specials Nita will usually lose, but that rarely happens.

How to use Full Guide Here: Do NOT run in like a little wild bear girl. Kite people with your Attacks and peek around corners, try to space out people with your attacks as much as possible, and once your special is up, use it to push the enemy team away from the (Gem Mine) point. 

Counter: Try not to get lured into her attacks if she kites. Her attack range is rather large for a small bear girl lol. HOWEVER, when she uses that bear of hers, it’s bets to kite away from the bear. It does have a slower movement speed then most characters to don’t panic Continue Reading »

Tips on Barley:

Brawl Stars Brawlers Guide barley

Barley (Mixed) – Great control character. Throw his attack into the center to stop enemies from getting gems and his special is absolutely insane damage-wise

How to Use: Hide behind walls and just throw that  Try to aim on top of the Gem Mine so they can’t collect the gems. Barley is best at spacing n‘s out so aim to keep them away from them icy gems boi. :)) (Dynamike is the same thing except people are more scared of flying Dynamite. p.s.

Use your special when the enemies are in a corner or tight area to make it easier to land your attacks. The Special has a large blast radius and stuns for a little while so use it to turn those fights around… or getting away from a running El Primo!!)

Counter: Wait till he is done throwing all his attacks and then all in him. Try to have random movements when facing a Barley or even a Dynamike as there attack animations are very similar to avoid there attacks. As for his Special move… you just got predict and get out the way of that one. No counter play opop xD

Tips on Shelly:

Shelly (Support) – Pretty basic character. Her gun is really good (requires little aim) and her special is average. She can work well as support, no real flaws

How to Use Full Guide Here : Use your autoattacks to rush down squishies and when leading in for a kill ( Like on that pesky El Primo with all those gems)

Lead with your Special Attack to stun and do massive damage to the target and finish them off with your regular attacks.

Note – It’s bets to not spam your Attacks but time them for the most optimal spread and aim, the closer you are to your opponent, the more pellets hit them dealing more damage.

Counter: Try to get far away from Shelly or “juke” her attacks, if you can do that, you can be well on your way of winning the fights Continue Reading »

Tips on El Primo:

El Primo (Tank) – Really tanky and can use his special to deal massive damage and escape when low on hp. Really hard to run away from him

How to Use: El Primo is probably one of the easiest melee characters to use and i think it is he most powerfull in the game also He has great health, decent speed and just run to the player and spam attack.

he is busted atm. they will run in fear of your massive hp bar and overpowered 3 hit jabs.

Counter: Really is no running away expect for out predicting his Special Move and using character that deals a high amount damage like Colt to knock him out as soon as possible.

Knock backs from characters like Dynamikes Special Move and Shelly’s Special move are very good for pushing him far away from you  Full Guide  Take a look at this page How to counter el primo

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Some Other Tips on Heist Hax and Showdown:

Heist Hax: Heist Hax is game mode on brawl stars in this mode Two teams of 3 go head to head on a Heist of gems and here One team tries to defend a safe located in their spawn, while the other team tries to open it.

To open the safe, the attacking team must traverse across the map into the enemy spawn, and shoot the heavily fortified safe until it is destroyed, and the gems come raining down.

If the defending team can protect the safe for the duration of the round, it will be declared the winner!

  1. Offense – Use El Primo to tank and distract for the team, Use Colt to chip away at enemies and the vault. (Use his Special Attack to shoot right to the safe/vault), Barley and Dynamike are both perfect for sieging and attacking the whole area around the safe/vault.
  2. Defense: Jessie for defense with her turret, El Primo for being annoying and pushing back the enemy looters, and same thing for Dynamike and Barley. oh

Showdown: Mostly luck and skill but try to hide in bushes and ambushing other players to finish off kills and steal elixir boosts. As for character selection, Shelly, Bull, Barley, and Nita.

Shared by Jojoisa

So Guys thats it fir today and thanks for reading this Brawl Stars Brawlers Guide