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Hello Everyone Brawl Stars Boss Fight Guide! The new event Brawl Stars Boss Fight vs Robo Boss, has been out for some time now, and I believe some of you are struggling to beat the harder challenges. Here I will introduce you to the Brawl Stars Boss Fight Guide strategy that me and my team used to get past insane 3.

Brawl Stars Boss Fight Guide

Brawl Stars Boss Fight Guide & Tips | How to Win Boss Fight vs Robo Boss

Brawl Stars Boss Fight General Tips: The boss will shoot missles that does alot of damage, try to avoid the missles. Remember that the boss shoots 5 missles from his left to his right, covering around 50 degrees in front of him. Before he shoots, he will stop walking and a red warning will appear on the boss.

There will be sniper bots spawning. At tier 2, the boss will start to charge. The charge distance will be similar to bull’s charge, so as a Barley you should predict where he will end up and throw bottles/fireballs in that direction. Remember to not get charged and walk out of the charge’s path as it does deal a large amount of danage.Brawl Stars Boss Fight Guide


At tier 3, the boss will start to launch rockets. There will be a warning circle similar to the meteor circle, at where the rocket will land. Avoid the rocket at all cost, it deals way too much damage.

The rocket will also leave a burning area, treat it like a Barley super- never walk into it! When the boss isn’t defeated in a certain amount of time, he will get stronger.Brawl Stars Boss Fight Guide

boss will first turn purple and there will be a que:The boss is angry! The next que will be:The boss is furious! as the boss turns red. At last the boss will be enraged, turning orange. When the boss is angry, melee bots will start spawning.

When the boss is Furious, fast small bots will start spawning. As the boss grows stronger, his damage, the minion damage and hp, increases. His ability cooldown gets shorter.

Recommended Team Compositions: Pam, Barley, Colt/Leon/Crow.

What to do as Pam: If you are playing Pam, your main job is to do some damage to the boss but also to heal your teammates, especially Barley if he doesn’t have his star power.

Try to stick with Barley, and only go upclose to the boss when the boss is in the missle attack mode. Avoid the missles and go to the side of the boss when he is shooting missles. Always kill the small bots first when you have the option to attack small bots or the boss. Leave the boss to the Barley. You have to protect Barley as he is the main damage against the boss.Brawl Stars Boss Fight Guide

What to do as Barley: Keep playing ring around the rosie with the boss. You can attack over walls so no need to worry about the boss getting you. Attack a bit in front of where the boss is walking, to get both ticks of damage. Use your super up close, slightly in front of the boss, but around a corner so the boss can’t damage you.

Try to let the boss have line of sight of you when you use your super, so the boss will stop and use his missles, staying in your super and allowing you to get full damage out of the super. Your super deals a high amount of damage and you should be able to get your super back with a few more attacks. Always have cover when fighting the boss and stay away from too open areas.Brawl Stars Boss Fight Guide

What to do as Leon/Colt/Crow: Your job is to keep the Barley safe. How do you do this? Get rid of the small bots so they don’t bother barley. Barley is the one fighting the big boss, you will be killing the small bots and keeping them away from Barley. Unless the boss is in range and there is no other small bots, don’t go for the boss. Also, you need to survive in case your team dies. Luckily, your movement speed should guaranteed enough survival time for your team to respawn. Avoid dying as much as possible.Brawl Stars Boss Fight Guide

With this strategy, you should be able to pass Boss Fights pretty easily, though it will take around 10 minutes to take down the boss at higher difficulties, remember: The time doesn’t matter, as long as you defeat the boss, you always get the same rewards.

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Well that’s it, my in depth guide Brawl Stars Boss Fight Guide & Tips | How to Win Boss Fight vs Robo Boss .