Brawl Stars Beginners Guide

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Hi guys Aaqib Javed back with another Brawl Stars Beginners GuideThis time I am going to show you What are Trophies, Chips, Coins, Elixir and Gems in Brawl Stars And In previous Guide we talked about how to unlock brawlers and what does brawl box means so those who missed they can take a look at This Page and also take a quick look at this Brawl Stars Beginners Guide

Brawl Stars Beginners Guide

You can use Gems to purchase Brawl Box and Skins for your Brawlers


Gems are obviously the game currency Which will help you to speed up your progress In  game and Gems can be purchase with real money Just Like Clash Royale and Clash of Clans


In Brawl Stars You can use Gems to purchase Brawl Boxes, Brawler Skins and Boosters Etc Etc


Next we have Coins and Coins are earned from participating in any game mode.You can get  Coins by getting bonuses when you participate in the different game types

You can also get Coins by winning the first PvP battle each day or MVP of the battle also gives you a great amount of Coins. In the shop You can Buy ‘Coin Boost’ an ‘Coin Doubler’


Trophies are what you earn by participating with your Brawler in any PvP game mode.There is a Leaderboard in the game which is based Trophies showing the best players in the world.

The Band Leaderboard is also based on Trophies Just Like Clash Royale and Clash of Clans and Band is called a Clan in Brawl Stars


Elixir is the is used for all Brawler upgrades If you wanna upgrade their health, their attack, or their super then you need elixir for upgrade you brawlers

Elixir can be found by opening Brawl Boxes that you’re purchasing with Coins or Gems. And there are 4 diffrent types of brawl box as I explain in My previous guide here


Chips are probably the most confusing of the in-game currency. Every time you get a duplicate Brawlres from box it is automatically turned in for chips.

A common card will get 1 chip, a Rare card gets 2 chips, an Epic card gets 5 chips, and a Legendary card is worth 10 chips Check this Guide For More Information How to get Brawlers.

The list above shows how many Chips you will get for each kind of card:

  • Common Card = 1 Chip
  • Rare Card = 2 Chips
  • Epic Card = 5 Chips
  • Legendary Card = 10 Chips.

if you open more and more Brawl Boxes then you are going to collect more and more chips and then spend those chips on Brawlers that you don’t yet have unlocked.

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So Guys Thats It for today I Hope you All Like This Brawl Stars Beginners Guide post Feel free to discuss and leave a comment below