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Hi Guys Today I am going to show you top 7 Top 7 Builder Hall 4 Tips | Builder Base 4 Upgrade Priority 2019, I am chris651 I started bh4 back in 2017 and Today I am Sharing my Tips, but so far as of what i’m doing, and other people giving me tips i’m very successful. Here I am sharing what i’ve been doing So come and take a look at this Builder Base 4 Upgrade Priority 2019 guide

Builder Base 4 Upgrade Priority 2019

The first thing I built was my clock tower. I built it because the extra boost is extremely helpful. It works in construction, the laboratory, training troops, and getting resources. Although it’s only five minutes now, it’s next update is an extra three minutes. Use the boost wisely!

Walls, my second archer tower, and the traps. These are very useful when gathering more resources to buy more stuff for defense.


Gold mine/elixir pump. [preferably elixir for step 5] Allows me to get more gold and elixir to purchase necessities for my base quicker

Elixir/gold storage. [preferably elixir first for step 5] Allows me to hold more loot so I can purchase things over my loot limit

The army camp – This will be great in offense, and another defensive distraction that might just cause you to win. A whole extra 4 to 6 troops is something you’d definitely want at this stage.

Guard post/air bombs – if you chose the gold mine + storage over elixir pump + storage, you should probably commit to building these first. The guard post will spawn troops for defense and the air bombs will do massive damage to air units. 

Upgrade… Or rush! – at this point you practically have all the requirements to BH5. You could upgrade a bit or just rush up to BH5 for that builder machine  

Hello guys, You may know that farm in this modality isn’t easy so I don’t recommend you starting from this level with the priority of upgrading the Elixir Collector and Gold Mines, as the biggest contribution comes from the Versus Battles. You may reserve the upgrading of these buildings according to your preferences, given the low cost you can decide to increase them whenever you like, That’s because its very important to invest gold and pink elixir in this order…..

  1. Unlock those New defenses and walls.

  2. Build Clock Tower.

  3. unlock the 4th Army Camp ( Upgrade gold and elixir storage).

  4. Upgrade Star laboratory.

  5. Upgrade Builder barracks ( Unlock bomber and baby dragon)

  6. Built guard post.

  7. Build Air bombs.

  8. Upgrade Crusher.

  9. Upgrade Double Cannon.

  10. Upgrade Firecrackers.

  11. Upgrade Hidden Tesla.

  12. Upgrade Archer Tower.

  13. Upgrade Cannon.

  14. Upgrade Traps.

  15. Upgrade remaining buildings.

  16. Upgrade Walls.