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Best Sniper Rifle In Pubg Mobile 2020. There are many Best sniper rifles in Pubg Mobile present in the game but only a few are used by you to proceed towards your Victory. If you can not find your preferred gun mentioned below you can check the reasons

sniper rifles in PUBG Mobile are the same and some of them are just so bad that you would want to replace them as soon as possible. Here, we have made a list to pick out the best snipers in PUBG Mobile that you should use and the worst snipers in PUBG Mobile that you should avoid.

List of The Best Sniper in Pubg Mobile 2020

9. Win94


Win 94 is the latest sniper rifle that was added to the game recently and it is also the worst sniper in the game currently. The main reason for this is that the Win 94 cannot attach any kind of scope to it. We are talking about a sniper rifle, which is supposed to take down enemies from far away but cannot attach a scope. Other than that, it has a decent fire rate when compared to other snipers and still has enough damage to one-shot a player with a Level 1 Helmet. The Win94 in PUBG PC has a built-in 3x scope. But even with a scope, the Win94 still cannot be one of the best snipers in PUBG Mobile.

8. VSS

VSS is the kind of weapon that you would use over pistols and sometimes shotguns. It is the only sniper in PUBG Mobile that uses 9mm bullets. That means it has a really low damage stat, effective range, and bullet travel distance. The default capacity of the VSS is 10 bullets per magazine and the recoil is horrible. Being a really low-stat weapon, it still has some merit that can make it useful in some very specific situations. The VSS comes with a default 3x scope and Silencer, making it really hard for enemies to spot your position.

7. SLR

SLR is one of the newer weapons in PUBG Mobile. It has a lot of power and it will hit your enemy pretty hard. However, it has one major downside which is the recoil. While the SKS also has an insane recoil, you can totally compensate that by throwing in attachments. The SLR doesn’t have a Grip slot so most players will have a hard time using this weapon. The SLR is also a pretty rare weapon to find than Mini 14 or the SKS so you won’t actually have many chances to practice with it in real matches.

6. SKS: High power but recoil is a problem

It fires 7.62 mm bullets. Single-shot deals high damage and can be equipped with every attachment slots. It is harder to control while firing continuously due to the high recoil problem. But is a good weapon for trained players. One of the best in its category, only known for its power and range.

Initially, it has only 10 bullets in its magazine which can be extended up to 20.

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5. Mini 14

It fires 5.56 mm bullets. It has the highest velocity among all the guns in PUBG MOBILE, faster than AWM but the least damage in the Marksman category, but the highest magazine capacity in the Marksman category.

Also, it has low recoil and is very stable while shooting distant objects. It is an all-rounder gun as it can work for sniping as well as first quality preferred rifle but, should only be used for sniping.

It can be equipped with every type of attachments except Grips.

4. Kar98

A single bolt Sniper Rifle which fires 7.62 mm bullets and is an upgraded version of Win94 can kill or knock down players with level 2 headgear in a single headshot. It does not have any magazine attachment and supports two stocks: Bullet Loops, for faster reloading and Cheek Pad which has no effect in this weapon, even compensators are of no use for this weapon.

3. M24

It is a bolt-action sniper rifle that fires 7.62 mm bullets, its initial magazine size i.e. 5 can be extended up to 7. It is the second-best sniper rifle in the game and can eliminate players with the headgear of level 2. It requires skill to take a headshot and also has a bit more recoil than that of Kar98K but, it can be reduced by using cheek pads as stock.

2. Mk 14

It fires 5.56 mm bullets. Only Marksman rifle that is obtained through airdrops only and switching between single and automatic mode if, switched to automatic mode, it can empty the whole magazine within a second if not using extended magazines. Good for rushing into buildings with a single enemy present there but you can die if you missed all your shots using automatic mode. Also, it has high recoil while using auto mode but, by using cheek pad weapon shake and recoil can be reduced. Its magazine can extend only up to 20 bullets.

1. AWM

It is also obtained from airdrops which fire special ammo for this gun only which is .300 Magnum, its initial magazine size i.e. 5 can be extended up to 7. Generally, looting AWM from one airdrop gives you 5 already installed bullets as well as 20 more bullets. It deals extremely high damage and kills a person wearing level 3 headgear by a single headshot only making it the most powerful gun.

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