Top pubg mobile Tips and Tricks for beginners

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Hi Guys PUBG Mobile Beginners Guide  AriBlue626 here and today I will Show you Some PUBG Mobile Beginners Guide, Tips And Strategy so You shredded through those early bot levels and became hooked, now you’re getting taken out left and right even if you get the jump on them? I’m not an expert, in fact it’s been years since I’ve played a shooter but I have been hooked, and my skill since I first started a week ago has risen greatly, here’s a guide to noobs who are new to this modern gaming like me but want to improve fast. PUBG Mobile Beginners Guide

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PUBG Mobile Beginners Guide
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Embrace the claw


You really need three contacts on the screen minimum, however you want to make that happen, holding your index fingers above the screen is a common way. Customize your layout to for best comfort. Get into a panic situation and accidentally hit the wrong button, switch what you thought it was to that spot.

Listen for the footsteps!

The bullet indicators are nice but headphones allow you to hear the direction of things not on the map and the combination of the two does wonders. Just the same this is an audio game, your noise can be heard by others and repositioning during airplane flyovers or red zones can keep you from being heard when running.PUBG Mobile Beginners Guide

Thrown from a plane!

Learn the glide distance of cranking the parachute forward and not letting go and you can consistently land on roof top areas. If you are about to overshoot, aim off target and use a single 90° L turn instead of spiraling down.

Location location location

While some guides shy people away from heading towards the city meat grinder, capturing your own building this way can often provide enough gear to defend it in the early game. Places like the School, Hospital or Prison contain enough goods for multiple people.

If you’re worried, just bug out and run away, everyone else is also grabbing gear and is unlikely to have the means to hit you anyway. If you choose to stay and fight, once you have a weapon, kill first, then gear up, as you want to catch them off guard and low on gear as soon as possible.

Pick your area wisely, if you veer away from a city make sure it has a road. Extremely rural places sometimes carry useless junk, if they have anything in them at all. You’ll want to get to a vehicle quickly.

Scope up!

Scoping in even with no scope increases your accuracy greatly and allows for all important head shots. You should get comfortable scoping in and out and aiming this way, as it’s way more deadly. At medium to long distances it’s best to switch the weapon over to Single. Even light taps on Auto isn’t as accurate for long distances. The walking plus cursor should be thought of as a bullet melee weapon. Up close and personal full auto from the hip is like a super stab attack, not a distance first shot opening volley.

Boom headshot

You’re looking for that nice crit hit. Some weapons kill instantly but most often with helmets expect to have to follow up a head shot. If you’re lined up double tapping before reacquiring the target can be effective to get added damage but if they have you in their sights make sure to move, you die just as easy.

Limbs do still hurt, cars can be shot under, same with rails, limb shots do some damage and show they aren’t safe, hopefully revealing their head. And speaking of cars, you can be run over as well, something to think about before pinging that car driving past.

Get a backpack and go wild!

Once you have one scavenge anything you might have use of later such as Compensators, suppressors, 5.56mm, 7.62mm, scope, red dot, holographic sight. These last few can be useful later as some models of the guns (I’m looking at you AKM) have poor views through their iron sights but are high damage weapons, a dot can make them feasible long range.PUBG Mobile Beginners Guide

Learn the guns!

The new training mode should help a lot.

Some can be misleading, I’ve killed a few people who had S12K shotguns but firing at long range because the S12K looks like an assault rifle. The AKM is the best all around weapon but needs a dot or sight to shine. The M16 or M4 is also great. Mid range guns have excellent accuracy but can only be pushed so far, at draw line distance you’re going to be slinging pot shots due to randomness, whereas some of the sniper rifles can be tricked out enough to hit at long distances. Bigger also isn’t always better, some of the large machine guns are great for mowing down a jeep but aren’t effective close in.PUBG Mobile Beginners Guide

Make sure your weapons don’t use the same ammo or if they do, have a good reason for it. You can not only end up with two of the exact same weapon, but sometimes two rifles that use the same ammo, which really means you have only one weapon. Don’t be too quick to throw away that Uzi or UMP, the UMP with suppressor especially has won me skirmishes against heavier weapons. Being able to pin down enemies while you move is important and a 9mm still hurts.

Customize on the go!

You can enter your backpack and adjust items while locked in a sprint, drag items no longer need out and clear up space. Since I assume you’ve been watching the play area? You have right? If you are now making a dash towards a road or if close enough the play area itself, this is a great time to dump unneeded items from your pack.PUBG Mobile Beginners Guide

Dude the Play zone!

It doesn’t shrink perfectly center, so the second or third time it does you should check it, as it could have picked the other side of the map and now you have twice as far to go.

Early game you can wander around outside of it, but it hurts bad late game, way more than many expect, stay in the play zone and everything will be fine.

Late game as the circle gets small it’s best to stick to the edge of the circle as once you’ve checked the area this blue wall of death can be seen as a real wall, only dead boxes lie beyond it.

Make a Game plan!

Once you’re in the play zone and it’s the middle of the game things can slow down and it’s up to you to decide how you want to play. Want to snipe from a hill, or go dune bugging around, see what can be turned into jumps or hide out in a back room. Whatever you pick, stick with it. Trying to make the best of your game plan is better than switching half way through, there’s just not enough time to get to all the places and do all the things in one game.

Check your 6!

A good half of my kill count has been catching people sneaking up on me. Make sure you look around and survey the area. If you haven’t looked, there’s always a chance someone’s behind you.

Learn Life Lessons through random match squad!

I learned not to get into a jeep with strangers. At top speed slamming into a building wall will in fact spew your entire squad out the front window knocking everyone out where your dying bodies will then be shot and looted by a passer by. I also learned if I push my partner off a high enough embankment, they will die when they hit the ground.


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