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Best Miner Princess Tournament deck

Hi Guys, today we have  to share Miner + Princess Tournament deck . This deck is solid but needs a lot time and practice to master. No deck is full win proof. It’s how well you play them.Tournament deck,cycle deck,cheap deck,


Tournament deck

Tournament deck

How to play this deck?



What you actually want to do is to keep rotating to your Princess and Miner cards. Always start with the princess on the back and see what your opponent does. The bulk of the damage will come from the Miner + Minions + Zap combo. This will help wither your opponent’s tower down. Mini Pekka and Barbarians are your defenses. If they survive they will be your counter push units.Tournament deck

Card Breakdown


Miner is the core of this deck, obviously. We need him to take out Elixir Collector, Princess, …. and do the great pushes with your Minions


The Ice Spirit is such a very powerful card and I always try to put it into most of my decks. I think that Ice Wizard will be extremely popular in the upcoming update as I think Zap might get a nerf soon.

Mini P.E.K.K.A + Ice Spirit is my favorite combo to deal with Giant and Hog Rider. Zap + Ice Spirit is very useful at dealing with the Miner + Minion Horde combo.


Zap can be the core card in every deck! It is great for both offense and defense. It’s hard for me to play without the Zap these days xD. Use it to support your pushes and defenses!


Minions: This cheap card will be your key on both defense and offense. This card is very effective at dealing with ground troops and a lone Musketeer. You can use them to defend and then launch a counter push right after that with Miner. Don’t forget to back them up with the Zap.

Basically we have:

  • Miner + Minions + Zap (Attack).
  • Minions + Miner (Counter Push).

Fireball: You can replace Fireball with Poison but IMO Fireball is better in this deck because it’s much easier to upgrade Fireball. Fireball also helps kill units immediately. Use it on Elixir Pump when you don’t have Miner in your hand. Fireball is also very useful at taking out 3 Musketeers, Barbarians, Minion Horde!Tournament deck


Princess is another core card in this deck. She helps you chip down opponent’s deck. Great for both offense and defense. She is extremely useful at dealing with Minions, Goblins, …. You should always place her down on the opposite lane that you are pushing (on offense) or the lane your opponent is not attacking (on defense) to protect her and make the pressure better.

Tournament deck

Mini P.E.K.K.A is the main damage dealer of this deck, on both offense and defense. She is Hog and Giant Killer, especially when coupled with the Ice Spirit.


Barbarians Main source defense. Use them to fight off Hog Riders / any single high damage troop (Mini pekka / Knight)Barbarians + Ice spirit (kills Hog Riders and Giants)Drop Barbarians behind the opoonent’s Giant to deal with the troops at the back while your Mini Pekka + Ice Spirit stops their Giant


How to counter meta deck


Giant + Mini Pekka or Trifecta Decks: If your opponent summons a giant at the back of their king tower, push the other lane immediately. Either with a Mini Pekka + Ice Spirit + Zap combo or with the Miner + Minions + Zap combo. When the opponent’s giant reaches your side of the river just use Barbarians + Ice Spirit to kill it. Rinse + Repeat to wither their tower down and use the fireball for the win.Same goes when you fight trifecta decks. Mini Pekka + Ice Spirit kills of the Hog Rider and the rest is history.


Miner Decks: Typical Miner decks always have a princess in them. So just fireball the opponent’s tower with their princess when they summon her at the back. After that continue with the Miner + Minion + Zap combo to take down their tower. Also use your Mini Pekka to defend against their Miner and then turn it into a counter push.


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