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Best Lumberjack Balloon Deck for Arena 8+

Combining Rage and Freeze together with Balloon is not a bad idea at all,Best Lumberjack  and this Lumberjack + Balloon + Freeze deck can fulfill this task perfectly Best Lumberjack Deck

Overview: With a Legendary together with 2 epic cards, this deck is surprisingly cheap with only 3.3 average elixir cost. With the devastating combination of 3 aforementioned cores, your opponent will have to beware your surprise attack toward Arena Tower!

Best Lumberjack

Lumberjack + Balloon + Freeze Deck Offensive Strategy



There is only 1 possible but deadly combo which is Lumberjack plus Balloon and Freeze. However, it is also situational since you can use only Lumberjack + Balloon in case you don’t have sufficient elixir/need to save for defense, or add some supports such as Fire Spirits/Zap/Spear Goblins if you are confident enough. In short, be adapt to the situation to make a right decision!Best Lumberjack Deck

You should be aggressive while playing this deck rather than being passive. From the early stage, you can drop Lumberjack from behind the Arena Tower, wait for the elixir to regenerate, and then drop Balloon behind him to form a combo. I recommend you not to use Freeze during this phase so as to save some elixir for opponent’s counter attack, as well as make a surprise freeze combo later. However, you can use Zap or Fire Spirits to stop and eliminate enemy’s defensive troops, allowing your balloon to have extra hit on Tower.

Minion Horde and defensive buildings are the hardest counter to Balloon! Against Minion Horde, you should include Fire Spirits in your push combo, or prepare Zap to bring them into sliver of health and make them re-target, then your Spear Goblins should finish the job. Against defensive buildings, Mini P.E.K.K.A and Lumberjack can take them out within few hits due to their high DPS.Best Lumberjack Deck

Finally, I think the reason why people are failing to use Lumberjack is because they’re using him as a suicide troop to rage your next troops. If that’s his purpose why not just use Rage straight up? He has high DPS and can be used powerfully for a counterpush. Use him more like a Mini-PEKKA not like a Giant Skeleton.

Lumberjack + Balloon + Freeze Deck Defensive Strategy


Main defensive cores: Spear Goblins, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Minions, Fire Spirits.

Against Tank-Beatdown deck, you can drop Mini P.E.K.K.A to take out the Tank, and use Fire Spirits/Minions to eliminate support troops behind. It is possible to use Lumberjack as a defensive troop, as he has almost equivalent DPS to Mini P.E.K.K.A and can be utilized in the counter attack later. Otherwise, you can do the double 1 lane pressuretechnique with your Balloon combo to force your opponent to defend, thus their tanks cannot receive backup further.Best Lumberjack Deck

Spawner deck: Once they drop their Hut, immediately counter push with your wombo combo on the other lane as they won’t have sufficient elixir to counter.

PPP deck – Against those threat you must aggro them as much as possible. Use Spear Goblins to distract them with split defense technique, while placing Minions to deal significant damage to them. Use Freeze to stop them if necessary.

Hog cycle deck – You can use Minions to take Hog down, along with Fire Spirits to take out support units behind. Using Freeze or Lumberjack on Hog is also possible.Best Lumberjack 

Air-Beatdown – Against this archetype of deck, performing the double 1 lane pressure with your Lumberjack + Balloon combo is the best option, while defendind with your Minions and Freeze.

Control deck – Not a big deal since they can only deal chip damage to your Tower, provided that you can defend effectively and make a quick counter attack afterward.Best Lumberjack Deck

You can check out some common Terminologies for more details about aforementioned decks.Best Lumberjack 

Lumberjack + Balloon + Freeze Deck Tips

  • Freeze is great on both offensive and defensive roles, and so is Lumberjack, as he has high DPS and can spill Rage to support other units. If he can survive after defending, do not hesitate to use him. So is the Freeze spell.Best Lumberjack Deck
  • Small combos such as Lumberjack + Spear Goblins behind him are also very effective to deal moderate amount of damage to Arena Tower, and your opponent may be forced to react to it.Best Lumberjack Deck

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Best Lumberjack Deck After August update- Clash Royale