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Hey guys, this is Flaming9 on reddit. I would like to talk about Heal spell. This guide will be my first spell guide! This guide will be mostly about basics so sit back enjoy! For some section, I will be only showing a short clip for each examples. So don’t think me as a lazy boy (even tho I am). Also one thing, thanks for Orange Juice and June_CR! His heal spell tutorial helped me a lot with my heal spell guide.

Deck Building

Heal Spell can change the game situation right away. In wrong deck, Heal spell can be pretty useless. You will focus on your main cards and forget your heal spell. If you played your heal spell wrong, you will have a 3 Elixir disadvantage, you might lose your tower or you might lose your IMPORTANT game. Heal spells are good with:

  1. Win Condition that is tanky and powerful, easily make its way to opponent’s tower.

Have an Win Condition that has low health, little damage with heal spell will do nothing. It is important to choose a good win condition to go with heal spell on your deck.


  • Win Condition that can deal more to opponent’s tower if heal spell is deployed.

Purpose of heal spell is to support the troops by healing up, but also to make your win condition do more damages before they die.

  • Win Condition that can do huge damage at once and goes with cheap cards / swarm troops.

Here is the list of main conditions:

  1. Giant : Goes well with Heal Spell, but needs a support troop to go with Giant. Giant will be really deadly if opponent’s defense troops are cleared.
  2. Hog Rider : Goes normal with Heal Spell, also needs a support troop to go with Hog Rider. You have to be careful with Hog Rider, because Hog Rider can be lured by a structure or be cleared fast by swarm units.
  3. Pekka : Goes well with Heal Spell, Pekka can be extremely deadly if Pekka makes its way to opponent’s tower and when heal spell is deployed to Pekka. However, still support your Pekka with cheap units or cheap spells since you used your Elixir a lot. Don’t over-exaggerate your Elixir!
  4. Miner : Goes really well with Heal Spell. Heals up your miner really fast. There are some good combos with Miner : Goblin Barrel + Poison with Heal. Miner-Lava hound is also really strong, since it heals your Miner together with your Lava Hound.
  5. X-Bow : Doesn’t heal your X-Bow. Use your heal spell to support your defense or for your Win Condition (X-Bow) Supporter.
  6. Mortar : Same as X-Bow.
  7. Graveyard : Not a good card to go with heal spell since skeletons die right away to opponent’s tower.
  8. Royale Giant : Goes really well with heal spell. Support your RG with any cheap troops or splash troops (Wizard / Executioner).
  9. Lava Hound : Goes really well with heal spell if your deck is Lavaloon. It heals up your main win condition (Lava Hound) together with your win condition synergy (Balloon). Also works good with Lava Pups.
  10. Balloon : Goes pretty well with heal spell. Heal spell helps Balloon reach safely to opponent’s tower, if heal spell goes really well Balloon might hit once more after his first attack.
  11. Golem : Same case with Giant or Pekka.
  12. Bandit : Goes Okay with heal spell. Heal spell supports bandit to hit more to opponent’s tower.

Heal Spell Decks

Good decks with Heal Spell

Three Musketeers Deck

  1. Pekka Three Musketeers Heal Spell Deck

Synergy between 3 Musketeers and Heal spell is amazing. If 3 Musketeers were “Fireballed,” they can be easily healed by heal spell. It will be extremely powerful if they are shooting the tower and healed at the same time. To make a good 3 Musketeers deck, build a deck based on defense with one win condition card. Your deck will be strong with defense but also with offense if you can counter push. ALSO you can have a split push and split defense. There are some risks with 3 Musketeers deck. If you can’t find your heal timing to your 3 Musketeers with your win condition, you might lose your Elixir advantages, tower or your game. Try to build a cheap deck that has a strong defense. This deck is close to 3 Musketeers beatdown deck. A example deck of Heal + 3 musketeers deck is Hog Rider, 3 Musketeers, Heal Spell, Ice Golem, Mini Pekka, minions, Elixir Pump.

Lavahealoon Deck

  1.  Lava Hound Heal Spell Deck

Lava + Balloon + Heal spell is really amazing, since lavaloon is almost unstoppable and your heal spell is making your lavaloon invincible. To make a good deck, build a deck based on defense entirely. Your only offense cards / main conditions will be Lava Hound and Balloon. Your deck can be a normal lavaloon deck but you have to make a good replacement for heal spell.

When to use your heal spell: A good timing to use your heal spell is when opponent’s troops are targeting your balloon, when balloon has 50% of health left. Or if your lava hound is about to die. It isn’t really necessary since Lava Hound does little damage and Lava Pups are available. An example deck of Lavahealoon deck is Lava Hound, Balloon, Heal, Mega Minion, Arrows, Heal spell, Goblin Gang, Electro Wizard.

Golem, Pekka Deck

  1. Full Deck Here Golem Heal Spell Deck
  2. Full Deck Here Pekka Heal Spell Deck

Healing a tank card is very powerful, if your tank card can find a way through opponent’s tower that would be awesome. To make a good deck, having a good splash cards is important since tank cards can be countered by swarm units, cheap units. Also have a cheap spell with you will prevent from counter cards. Healing the tank cards allows them to hit more, damage more to opponent’s tower. Finding a good timing of heal deployment is important too. A good timing of deploying heal is when your tank card reached your tower and there are no troops around your tank card. Also heal spell is important when you are having Elixir Advantages. Example deck of Tank card + heal spell is Golem / Pekka / RG, Furnace, Heal spell, spear goblins, Graveyard, Log, Skeleton Army, and Arrows.

Miner, Hog Rider, Giant Decks

  1. Hog Goblin Barrel Heal Spell Deck
  2. Giant Heal Spell Deck
  3. Miner Heal Spell Decks

I’ll call these cards “Fast Deep cards.” Talking about basics, deploying these “Fast Deep cards” and putting heal spell right away won’t do anything, they will easily get countered by swarm units like tank cards. Having a good splash cards, cheap spells, cheap units are very important. For miner decks, I would recommend Miner + poison spell deck, Miner + Goblin Barrel decks which can be played with using small amount of Elixir and can chip good damages to opponent’s tower.

Remember these things!

  1. Don’t over spend your Elixir just to make a big push and deploy your heal spell. : Keep your eyes on Elixir management’s, if you lose on Elixir advantages, you won’t have a time to use your Heal spell + start your push.
  2. It will eventually surprise opponent : Use that advantages throughout the game. : If you used your Honey Flavor heal spell and destroyed a tower, it will give a fear (?) to your opponent.
  3. Don’t rage quit your game just because you lost your right or left tower. : You still have your Honey Flavor heal spell, you can overcome, CLUTCH this game. So don’t give up!
  4. Use your heal spell for defense if it’s an emergency! : Your heal can be used for supporting your defense troops! Such as healing your Electro Wizard while defending a BIG push / expensive push.
  5. Don’t waste your heal spell. : Never waste your heal spell, heal spell is a important key of your deck, do not lose your key!
  6. Don’t expect heal spell to do everything.
  7. Don’t focus on your heal spell, focus on your defense and offense.


Thanks for reading this Heal Spell Deck and if I missed something, please comment down below and have a great day

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