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Hi Guys Pubg Mobile Miramar Loot Guide 2019  Tranenturm here today I will talk about Pubg Mobile Miramar Loot Guide 2019 because After hearing some complaints about Miramar I decided to post about my observations of the map and my patterns. I’m sharing all my secrets here my play style is a quick high quality loot in an uncontested location, then I go crate shopping.Pubg Mobile Miramar Loot Guide 2019

If you want to hot drop on Miramar, the Pubg Mobile Miramar Guide is very simple, drop Hacienda. It’s usually contested, VERY high quality and quantity loot, and not too far from some nearby cities should it prove surprisingly empty of other players.

I’m going to use map coordinates where the first number is horizontal and the second vertical. 0.0×0.0 will be the south west corner (lower left) with 8.0×8.0 being north east (upper right). The number is in km. So Pecado is 3.6×3.9 and the crossroads at Monte Nuevo is 2.1×4.1


I’m going to start with general building types to look for. These can generally be found all over the map and my drop points are generally where two or three of these are close together (or more). I’m not saying these are the ONLY buildings to look for, just my personal favorites. In this section I’m only addressing non-unique buildings. Also, please hit these a few times before writing them off if you get a bad first loot. Any loot has statistical variance.Pubg Mobile Miramar Loot Guide 2019

Pubg Mobile Loot Locations Miramar Map Pubg Mobile Miramar Guide

Pubg Mobile Miramar Loot Guide 2019 : Buildings to look for

  1. Red Brick Warehouse – these are the buildings located next to the prison in the starting pre-flight area. They have a large central area with big open doors on one side and an upper area along two sides. It has the fire escape that you can’t get to easily. Land on top if you can as they have loot on the roof. Although its possible to climb up, I don’t find the loot on the roof consistently good enough to spend the time getting there. I have occasionally come out fully equipped by visiting one of these. More often it takes two. Map example is 0.9×0.9 (next to the Prison)

  2. Round Top Factory – these are the long rectangular buildings with a half cylinder vaulted ceiling. It has a main room with machines, then a few side rooms. Quick to loot, and high quality. Always at least half my loot, occasionally I come out fully equipped. Example 6.1×2.1 

  3. Red brick garage facility – These have a few garages, an easily accessible staircase on the outside to two different level roofs and an internal staircase. I seem to find the best stuff on the roofs. I don’t rate it quite as highly as the first two, but almost always worth stopping for. Example 2.6×2.6 

  4. Concrete double building – These are the bare concrete buildings with a staircase to the second floor and the ability to get to the roof. Not a lot of loot, but often high quality. Example 4.7×3.3

  5. Round arenas – Located in the bigger cities, these places have the stadium seating, a big roundish pit in the middle, and some have roof. High volume and value, also tend to be hotter places (and very snipable from nearby buildings) so I tend to avoid them until I’m sure the area has been cleared of hostiles. Example 1.9×3.9

  6. Tall blue Apartment building – These are tall blue apartment buildings with 5 floors (only 3 accessible) and a fire escape that provides roof access. These have volumes of medium quality loot. They are often worth looting on the way to the roof to then snipe from. They are often the tallest buildings around and the roof allows for unrestricted views that you can pull back from if taking too much return fire. Example 4.3×2.8 (one of my favorites)

  7. Old West Tavern – These are clearly Wild West bars with a big staircase to the second floor and easy roof access. Commonly found in rural areas, though occasionally in town, they can make for the center point of a good loot in the middle of nowhere. 4.8×6.3

  8. Water Processing Pit (dry) – These are the pits with planks up to a bridge that crosses the pit. A central core structure and then planks to get out of the pit after you drop down. Low volume but high quality. They are usually worth my effort.

Pubg Mobile Miramar Loot Guide 2019 : Worthy Landing Spots Check Out Full Pubg Mobile Miramar Loot Guide 

A worthy Pubg Mobile Miramaranding spot I describe as good loot, a good chance for a vehicle, and less likely to be hot so long as its not directly under the flight path. I really hate to give these away, but for some unknown reason I’m sharing these with you.

  1. Western El Pozo – Everyone seems to jump central El Pozo to the indoor arena and stadium pits. I jump to the western edge for several reasons (1.2×5.3). First it has MANY of the great building listed above. I start to the west of the N/S road at the big round top factory (building 2 above). There are a couple of water treatment pits (8), a pair of good buildings next to it, and some concrete buildings (4) across the road. So great uncontested loot, 2 vehicle spawn points on the N/S road and several more just down the road to the east. After the quick loot, you can choose to sweep the city with reasonable certainty no one will be behind you to the west. A central jump means people can come at you from all sides. The N/S road also allows you to get out of town quick without having to dodge sniper fire if you so choose Check Out Full Pubg Mobile Miramar Loot Guide 
  2. Ladrillera/SW Monte Nuevo – There’s an outdoor brickyard at 1.8×3.5 which provides excellent loot for one person. Sometimes complete. Then across the road to the NW is a Red Brick Warehouse (1), and then on top of the ridge to the north is a couple of oil refineries. Between all 4 you can decently service a squad or complete a duo. I generally start at the brickyard, hit the warehouse, then climb up to the oil refineries (be sure to loot UNDER the structures a well as on top). I then snipe anyone visible in Monte Nuevo from a very high vantage point before going down and looting an open round arena (5). There is often a car on the road near the warehouse, and if not multiple spawn locations on the road in Monte Nuevo itself. Occasionally with a bad circle, I’ll skip the oil platforms and sniping, grab the first vehicle, and speed off to the first circle.Pubg Mobile Miramar Guide

  3. Chumacera – I’ll land at the building at 2.6×2.7 and work my way west sticking to the single story machine buildings and the two story red brick garage facilities (3). This area is ABOVE the rest of the town meaning as soon as your ready you can snipe down on anyone looting below. General town buildings I hate looting. They have mediocre quality and take forever to get through. So the upper (but southern) industrial area is more my speed. There is a car spawn point in the upper area, but you often have to go below to find something. Not to bad and the city is in a reasonably central position. Check Out Full Pubg Mobile Miramar Loot Guide 
  4. Caves – Not exactly a secret, but I still find the caves at 4.8×1.9 to be a good drop point. If they are at the edge of the flight path I rarely encounter others, although it’s more likely than the above drops. There are vehicle spawn points on the nearby road, or sometimes I just head directly north after loot to see if I can snipe at people in Los Leones (starting to see a trend here?). Great for a duo, a squad might be a tad light after but nearby buildings can supplement okay Check Out Full Pubg Mobile Miramar Loot Guide 
  5. Puerto Paraiso – I really hate giving this one up. I like to land (if I can) on the roof of the Red brick warehouse (1) at 5.9×1.8 (This is close to the road west to Los Leones). Then I head to the crates to the east, some different industrial structures including a concrete building (4). If for some reason I’m not good at this point (highly unlikely) there’s still a tavern and the rest of the city. There is often a vehicle outside of the tavern for a quick exit. If not, the N/S road has plenty. I’ve never not been able to find a vehicle here. If dropping with a full squad or coming in from the north, there is a round top factory (2) at 6.1×2.1 which I stop at first if I can’t make it to the more southern red brick. I then grab any vehicle and drive to the crates. If you go here when I do, I’ll kill you, unless you’re in my squad, or you kill me first… On second thought, this place sucks. No good buildings and the sea air will give you a rash.

  6. Graveyard – I like to drop at a warehouse industrial structure at 4.7×4.6. This is a big square footprint west of the road. I’m not a fan of Mines Generales as the loot feels too spread out (and its too popular). From my start point I work west to the church area (after quickly checking for vehicles on the road). I tend to skip the graveyard itself as being too slow. But the three church buildings are pretty good. The area from the road west to the church buildings is usually sufficient for a full squad. A vehicle usually spawns by the road at 4.2×4.6 or at 4.8×4.8. Regardless, this is a great central location so hoofing by foot is more doable. I find the graveyard to be the quietest central location by far. Hacienda almost always attracts people, and San Martin gets the people thinking they’ll sneak up on hacienda (but then get sniped from the hills to the north and south). Pecado is similarly hot. Power Grid has good loot (two of my buildings plus lots of stuff in the unique power area) but is a common drop for people trying to avoid Pecado and San Martin. Check Out Full Pubg Mobile Miramar Loot Guide 
  7. 3 buildings NW of Junkyard – There are 3 high quality buildings at 5.5×5.1 which is northwest of Junkyard. They are not labeled themselves but they make an excellent duo start. A squad would need to share well and supplement soon. These buildings are a good spot to remember on the way elsewhere.Pubg Mobile Miramar Guide

  8. Northern hamlets – There are bunches of northern hamlets, each one sufficient for an individual or a light duo. The good ones have a tavern, and as a group there should be a vehicle at one of them. Many are north of the northern most W/E road and a coordinated squad could land people at four different locations, then have the person who scored a vehicle pick everyone up. Not a good strategy for randoms (too much coordination). My favorite is more southerly at 4.8×6.3. You don’t always score a vehicle but its not to bad of a walk to the south or east.Pubg Mobile Miramar Guide

  9. Prison – BUT only when the flight path is a N/S path that is not in range of Prison itself, but is in range of Los Higos. There are a lot of vehicles on the southern island roads. Drop into that area near a road and drive to Prison. Prison is crazy good loot and more than a full squad can pack out in their 4 level 3 packs. It’s never a HOT drop, but flight paths near it will draw company and there’s few vehicles NEAR the prison. So its better when you know you have a ride back out. Check Out Full Pubg Mobile Miramar Loot Guide 

Pubg Mobile Miramar Loot Guide 2019 : Overrated Drop Points

  1. Power Plant – Not good enough for the company likely to come with you
  2. Water Treatment – Both more popular on average and very few vehicles nearby.
  3. Impala – often a heavy drop for some reason I can never figure out. It’s mostly town buildings which I hate. I’d rather go to Puerto or Graveyard, either one being near a flight path that goes close to here.
  4. Campo Militar – Too far north. It does have good loot but its spread out and any flight path close enough often draws a crowd. Any flight path far from it, I’d rather hit my personal drops and get on with it instead of spending precious early minutes driving back and forth. And if you get a prison circle you could be 3km away.
  5. Ruins – In the North East there are some ruins. I’ve never enjoyed my trips there. Except once when I got an 8x, Kar, and m416 plus a favorable circle. I was quickly interrupted by my 3 year old waking up… But in general, few vehicle spawns and commonly unfavorable circles and rough terrain makes it generally not advisable. Fun for a sight seeing trip, but otherwise, meh…

Pubg Mobile Miramar Loot Guide 2019 : How to Drive on Miramar

  1. Roads are obviously more valuable on Miramar than Erangel. On Erangel they are less transport and more landscape that tells you where spawns might be.
  2. For long distances, take the roads. Ambushes are unlikely except in central towns like Pecado
  3. Know the good off road areas and the bad off road areas. Bad areas include the hills near Puerto Paraiso, Prison Island, and areas with lots of folds.Pubg Mobile Miramar Guide
  4. Good areas include most of the central areas. However, there are often ridges that break these up. Places you can leave a vehicle wedged on the front and back but the wheels are off the ground (I’ve never EVER done this myself). (EVER).
  5. These ridges often have thinner spots and/or flat “roads” in key spots. Learn these spots and you’ll be much happier.Pubg Mobile Miramar Guide
  6. Miramar terrain is like polarized glasses. Some terrain is fast in one direction and slow in another. You should be driving along ravines and not over every, single, ridge, in, a, row, how, every, random, you, get, matched, with, drives. If you get into an area, go with the flow even if its not directly towards your target. There’s usually a break soon.
  7. When driving, right before you get air, take your foot off the gas. You hopefully don’t get air, or not as much and will remain under control. Selective brief slow downs make you go much faster overall than constant spinning out.

Pubg Mobile Miramar Loot Guide 2019: Miramar Strategy 2019 

  1. While the walk the blue in strategy remains somewhat valid, I don’t think its as strong on Miramar as it is on Erangel and may be a cause for some people’s distaste of Miramar.Pubg Mobile Miramar Guide

  2. Miramar has more good places to be, and bad places to not be. Erangel is smooth enough that oftentimes it doesn’t really matter where you are on the terrain.

  3. Walking in on the Blue means you have to be VERY proactive on placing yourself on the right part of the circle. If you’re on foot you can totally get screwed with having to cross open terrain under the fire everyone whose already secured the following terrain features.Pubg Mobile Miramar Guide

  4. Miramar has foxholes. Not “created” ones, but undulations of the landscape creates holes where (most) every side is close enough to you that you should hear someone coming before they crest from that direction. This gives you relative safety to that side as you can watch the direction you want to watch knowing that you should hear people coming in from behind.

  5. Half foxholes are created when you have a smallish land in front of you but wide open to the sides, but cover from the back. Most common near the final zones where simple odds tell you someone is out there, you keep the small hill on one side of you and slowly “clear” the wide open spaces on the other side. Fully scan the area in your chosen direction till you’re satisfied no one is there, then move forward around the cover hill SLOWLY fully scanning the newly revealed area as you go. You will eventually spy someone and can engage them without the rest of the people getting in on the exchange.

  6. Trenches – Miramar has natural trenches scattered around, either sides of raised roads, or dry stream-like terrain, or just the ridge of a crater, etc. These are incredibly important. You can engage, bug out, and set up down the line, all while under relative cover. Crater rims are more dangerous as enemies will try to pin you down from both sides at which point you’re in a fishbowl. So choose your cover wisely. (Don’t always avoid crater rims, just think about the likelihood of someone popping up where you don’t want them to)

  7. Tall Buildings – Many of the towns have tall buildings which if you get on top offer good cover and spotting. Be careful though as sometimes nearby hills have a high position. But if you chose well, even if you get knocked just draw away from the edge and a team mate can safely revive you making it very difficult to dislodge you.

  8. All this terrain means finding a GOOD central point defendable from every side is more doable than on Erangel. Instead, I chase drops, not always to get the goods, but to be in the next circle choosing the best position from which to control the immediate area. If I really don’t want someone to be somewhere, I probably want to get there first. Miramar mid and late circles are all about claiming the best spots. People late to the party can get screwed by the open fields. Look ahead as much as possible.

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