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Hi Guys PUBG Chicken Dinners Today I will Show You Beginners Guide to Getting PUBG Chicken Dinners Guide Made by RaptorDaRaptor He posted This Beginners Guide To Getting PUBG Chicken Dinners On reddit 2 days Ago so Lets Start Greeting Reddit Players! I’m RaptorDaRaptor, a competitive PUBG player who has played this game for over 3.000 hours since this game came out in Early Access. I’ve been grinding the leaderboards every since season and some of you might remember me from the Twitch Rivals Invitational where Forsen and I took first place with team Spechimen.

Having grinded so many hours and having friends who really wanted me to make a guide to help other people, I’ve decided to give my best shot at making a written guide for newer and advanced players on how to get their chicken dinners and/or get better at PUBG. Hopefully this might help a few players and I’ll try my best to respond to as many comments as possible in this thread.

Graphics Settings

Hardware i7-4790K / 16 GB RAM / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970


Display Mode Fullscreen
Resolution 19201080
FPP Camera FOV** 103 – (Some pro players use 90 because they feel like it gives them a better view of the enemies)

Brightness 100

Screen Scale 100
Anti-Aliasing Very Low
Post-Processing Very Low
Shadows Very Low
Textures Low
Effects Very Low
Foliage Very Low
View Distance Medium – (This could be set to something higher but personally I feel like this is good enough)
V-Sync Off
Motion Blur Off

Mouse DPI 500 DPI /w 1000 Polling Rate
General Sensitivity 37
Vehicle Driver Sensitivity 50
All Other Sensitivity 37

PUBG Chicken Dinners

PUBG Chicken Dinners Solo/Duo/Squads

Before grinding a leaderboard, it’s very important to pick the right mode for you as a player. Pick a leaderboard you can be passionate about but at the same time have the chance to improve as a player in the quickest way possible. Here are some of the ups and downs of each mode as a leaderboard grinder.


Solo is one of the hardest leaderboards to get into top 10 with and not because of it being the hardest in skill but mainly because for many people it’s very boring to grind. As a solo player you’ll be focussing a lot of getting that match top 10% as high as possible. Most of the times you’ll end up in top 10 of a match because of evading fights, which means having 0 kills. If you do decide to takee fights, you’ll end up getting flanked which can put you back a few hours of grinding.


Duos is my personally favourite because it challenges you as a player more than squads but isn’t as boring and RNG as something like solos would be. In duos it’s very important to play with someone who knows how to stay alive as a player because both players are very important in order to get a successful win. In case your teammate DOES die, you’ll be up for a challenge but it will be a winnable challenge (in comparison to 4v1 in squads). This will push your skill to a whole new level.


Squads is something for those who’d like to combine grinding with a relaxed feeling of not always having to be consistently good and not lose a single member in the team (Solo/duo). I’d advice this as a starter for most people who haven’t had loads of hours in the game yet or fail to perform in duos. It gives you the initial PUBG gameplay experience but doesn’t completely take away the learning aspect of the game yet. This is also the better mode for those who don’t like to take charge in-game.

PUBG Chicken DinnersErangel vs Miramar

Since there isn’t any map selection button, most grinders these days prefer to dodge the Miramar map as it is going to be a lot and a lot of camping while looking at sand. Doing this for hours on end makes you wanna.. You know what I mean. In order to dodge a map, there 2 important things you need to know/do:

Wait For The Timer To Start Make sure to wait until the countdown timer starts before leaving to lobby, this prevents you from accidentally getting last place without even playing the game. (Leaving to lobby doesn’t make you lose rating unless you make it into the plane)

Press The Continue Button If you see the Continue/Cancel button after leaving to lobby, make sure to press continue and play the match no matter what. This is some sort of bug where you leave to lobby but it still thinks you’re in the game.

When it comes down to tactics in order to get your wins, the tactics will be the same for both maps.

PUBG Chicken Dinners

Choosing Your Loot Location

Once you’re in the plane, you’ll have to choose your loot location. What we mostly do is try to remember all the vehicle spawns (next to roads) and fly to a road with a bunch of potential vehicle spawn next to it. After this, you’ll drive away even further to a secure loot spot far away from the initial plane path.

Diving Too Early Try to avoid diving early for a vehicle, because other people might get a vehicle closer to your loot location and you’ll probably end up arriving at your loot location when they already found guns.

Pulling Too Early Pulling too early is only beneficial when you’re planning to loot at the location where you’re going to land because no vehicle should be able to be there because you, unless someone finds a bike.

35km/h Try to fly at the speed of 35km/h in order to go the furthest distance. This can be done by slowly pushing/tapping the W button while mid air. It’s okay to stay between 32-40km/h since it’s really hard to have exactly 35km/h.

Waiting Means Safer Looting Most public players don’t have the patience to wait until the end of the flight before jumping. Make use of this by figuring out a later loot spot.

Predict Enemy Loot Paths When being in the plane, always try to imagine all possible Take a vehicle and go far away loot paths in order to prevent running into enemies while looting.

No Car, Walk Further If you don’t find a vehicle, walk on, don’t walk back. Walking back will result into you running into looted places, walking further will still get you looted, just not as good as planned.

PUBG Chicken Dinners When To Leave/Where To Go

After you’ve been looting for 3-4 minutes and there’s around 30 seconds on the time you should consider leaving to the middle. If the zone is on the military island, you should be looking for a boat around this time. From here on you want to try re-centering to the middle for at least 4-5 circles. After this you either recenter if there’s enough compounds left, else you start playing edge.

Fight For The Middle From circle 1-3 you generally don’t really want to fight for the middle but once you get to circle 3-4, you might need to fight for a compound. Don’t be afraid to fight for it. The main key in fighting is aggression, know when to wait and know when to attack but make sure that when you’re waiting it’s because of a special reason, else you’ll be likely to get killed from other teams or have them come up with a plan before you do.

Leave Once The Timer Resets Don’t wait until the blue is about to damage you before leaving. Try to avoid having the blue zone push you into enemies. It’s better to take a fight early, where you have a chance to take your time than to get into a fight while the blue is pushing you and giving you no chance to take a second to heal mid-fight.

Avoid Getting Flanked The biggest mistakes of most newer players is to stay too much in one spot towards the end circles. Towards the end, you really wanna start pushing the edge and make openings for yourself. A team getting pushed is mostly weaker than a team holding, unless you’re in a compound, then you’re sometimes stuck to your location but.. This is when it should’ve be too possible to get flanked anyways.

Fight For RNG In order to prevent getting RNG’d, sometimes it’s better to fight a compound while you can, instead of waiting till the blue forces you to move to this compound and you’ll be stuck with nowhere else to go or to just run in people their gunfire.

PUBG Chicken Dinners General Extra Tips

Vertical vs Horizontal Use vertical for your tapping weapon and horizontal for your spraying weapon.

5 Seconds Cooking Time When nading a person, try to pre-cook your nade for at least 2 second before throwing it, this will make it harder for enemies to dodge your nade.

Too Many Boosters Don’t always feel the need to boost when hit mid-fight. Sometimes aggression with 75% health is more important than being 80% health with a booster. Aggression is more important than health.

Standing Still/Overcommitting Avoid standing still for more than 1-2 seconds, even when you’re shooting at someone. This leaves you open to get headshotted by other people, even their teammates.

No Cry For Res Once you go don’t, don’t start yelling to get ressed unless you’re 100% sure you’re teammate is in a good situation to do this. (We all make this mistake, even me)

PUBG Chicken Dinners Final Word

Hopefully I was able to help out a few people on getting an extra chicken dinner, I’ll try responding to comments and on if anybody has any question. This guide might get updated along the day since there’s sooo many topics I skipped to talk about because I didn’t want to make this guide too long. Hope you enjoyed!

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