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Battle Champs is a critter-packed strategy game! Climb on board the airship and battle your way to number one


battel champs

Battle Champ is a game inspired by “Clash of Clans” which may later be replacing the said game. it has 10 adorable little monster called champs to choose from as an army


The champs have arrived! These rough-and-tumble creatures are clamoring to help you fight giants, win crowns, and clear stages. Gather the whole gang to triumph in tournaments against millions of other players!

-COLLECT AND TRAIN your champs to their full potential, making an unstoppable army of cuteness
-BUILD an impenetrable fortress in the sky to fend off adversaries
-BATTLE alchemy-powered giants and find out if they serve some darker purpose
-DISCOVER the secrets of the royal family and the alchemist Nia’s father
-TEAM UP with friends to make a crew, help each other out, and take on the team trials
-SNAP UP special champs and gear in limited-time areas so that you can fight your way to the top

A beautiful strategy game similar to clash of clans. Wonderful artwork and animations, but sprites are often too small to appreciate the details. Relatively quick starting game with the aid of champ packs. Sadly its plagued by slow load times and long waits for progress. Further optimization is needed in base customization and the game overall.

battel champs


According to 148apps, “Battle Champs” has a build and battle gameplay, similar to the popular “Clash of Clans.” Even if they have some similarities it is not a total clone as the developer of the game, BlazeGames made a serious effort in being unique in some ways and  improve features of “Clash of Clans.

Battle Champs Android gameplay