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Clash Royale Bandit Draft Challenge Season 3
Hi Guys Clash Royale Bandit Draft Challenge Season 3 I will show you how to win Clash Royale Bandit Draft Challenge easily So Guys Bandit Draft challenges are not only about luck but also about the right choices. Picking a win condition is the most important thing when drafting, because Its help you to take down your opponent’s towers Check Out Here Clash Royale 12 Wins Bandit Draft Challenge Guide and Tips
I’ve seen a few folks complaining that Draft Challenge is too hard, or unfair, so I thought I’d share a few tips that have helped me get to 12 wins before. Hopefully it will help out others so come and take a look at this Clash Royale Draft Challenge guide Check Out Here

Bandit draft challenge

Bandit Draft Challenge Tips

Bandit draft challenge
  1. Playing early to battle the noobs is not as great a strategy as it was for the other card challenges: It may still be smart to play early, but since it is not worth playing once you’ve won, the end of the challenge will not be populated by people who have already won the challenge five times. Consider that the big youtubers and skilled players will also start playing early, and facing one of them could be disastrous. It’s a question of risk vs. reward, but you will not be punished for playing later in the same way that you would have been in the electro wizard challenge.
  2. With no meta, the focus can shift entirely to gameplay. For that reason, specific unit interactions will be less useful, but understanding the synergy that bandit has with all other cards is critical. Study gameplay from the youtubers and your own battles; those replays will be much more useful than they were for the electro wizard challenge–that was dominated by a few cyclical metas, while this challenge will have new card interactions every battle. Studying how the bandit works will give you a huge edge, and prior skill will also work wonders.
  3. Understand how the bandit works with/against all win conditions: With a draft challenge, you could be stuck with or against any win condition. Knowing how bandit works with/against those win conditions will help you determine which win condition to go with in your draft, whether to pick bandit or not, and how to use bandit in your battles.
  4. Figure out how to draft: Draft mode is different from all other game modes we’ve seen. You’ve had enough opportunities to play with it as a special event, but extra research does not hurt. Find videos that explain how draft challenge works, and make sure you are not susceptible to tilting for this method. I have personally turned my share of winnable drafts into losses based on questionable draft choices.
  5. Remember that the odds are in your favor, even though you have no free entry: More than half of all people who start this challenge reach 2 wins. As CR redditors, the odds are even more in your favor to reach that threshold and refund your entry fee. Even though this challenge is offering lower rewards on the face of it, the additional one-time rewards make your first attempt worth every gem. But after you win those rewards, it is no longer worth attempting compared to the regular grand challenge–this will deter everyone who has already won the challenge from playing again.

Bandit draft challenge
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The dash ability of Bandit activates once if she is 4-6 tiles close to the opponent or else, it won’t activate. When she is dashing, she is invulnerable to almost all attacks.


Ignoring her will make you suffer almost 1000 damage.