Legendary Trophies

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With the newest update, we will get to legendary faster/easier, can buy legionaries easier, and have some other way to get them easier too. Woohoo!

Legendary Trophies




  • Legendary Arena: Unlocks at 3000 Trophies
  • Seasons: Every two weeks, players above 3000 Trophies will be reset to 3000 and all deducted Trophies will be awarded as Legend Trophies!
 Legendary Trophies

Legendary Trophies

By making the season reset further into legendary you have the problem of reset players blocking entry into legendary will disappear within one or two seasons. Legendary Trophies

This mean a lot of players will have access to buying a legendary in the shop that otherwise wouldn’t. It doesn’t mean that they will not also change the drop rate in chests. 

This is going to make everything easier because they also recently increased trophies in the game generally, by increasing the mark in which player gain more than they lose to 2000 from 1000. Legendary Trophies

Since there will be less trophies being removed from the game, there will be less level 10s falling to Frozen Peak. I predict that the 3000 mark will be pushed up to 4000. This change will make everyone go up at least 500 trophies, allowing level 8s to sit comfortably in Legendary Arena.Legendary Trophies


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