Arena 3 deck

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F2P Best Arena 3 deck Push to Arena 7

I’ve been seeing a lot of help asking for a decent strategy for Arena 3 and lower recently and I just wanted to provide my 2 cents + it’d be great hearing from someone speaking in the same/ similar context to other Arena 3 players. Of course, this isn’t applicable to everyone, and everyone’s playstyle differs from another. One may prefer hard-heavy tank hits, while others opt for the defensive, passive play. Arena 3 deck

This thread isn’t a megathread in which you read and take in every single word I write, sure it’d be nice if you did, but it’s not something that will make you invincible or undefeated. This is something that worked for me, has a decent balance between things as well as its strengths and flaws. Essentially, it’s a springboard to make up your own teams and get an idea of what works for you 🙂

Arena 3 deck

Arena 3 deck Card Role:

  • Barbarians are much better than most tanks as there are 4 of them who deal a moderate amount of damage. Though they do lack in health in comparison with others, the 4 of them essentially x4 their damage per second, and there are four more targets for the opponent to handle, as opposed to the one. That being said, Barbarians can counter most common tricks thrown at them, more notably the Skeleton Army. Pair the Barbarians with any air support troops (e.g. Witches, Spear Gobs, Dragons) and you’ll have a great offensive push.
  •  Skeleton Army and the Tombstone are included there as a counter to most things thrown at you, both though differ in quantity, work in essentially the same way. The Skeleton Army is great for demolishing and countering tanks such as the Giant, Prince, Knight and the Mini-Pekka. Deploying the army onto these cards will be able to defend you from troops dealing a considerable amount of damage onto your Towers i.e. the Prince, as once he gets rolling, he does x2 damage on the first hit. If you do not have the Skeleton Army in your current deck or collection at all, however, the Tombstone is a GREAT choice. Not only does it act as bait for Giants, Balloons and X-Bows (They all prioritise targeting buildings first, and the Tombstone is classified as a building), but can also easily finish off a full-health Prince, assuming that there is no support from the opposition. Tombstones also spawn skeletons which aren’t really that useful, but do distract the opponent’s troops long enough for your Arena Towers to land that extra hit. Arena 3 deck
  • Mini Dragons – they are a very effective and well balanced tank if used correctly. Their damage isn’t too shabby in comparison to its RoF, but it deals splash damage, which is great for taking out a lot of troops such as Barbs, Spear Goblins, Goblins, Skeletons, Minions, Minion Hordes and can even stop other tanks such as the Prince, Giant and Balloon, given that they are preoccupied with something else. They’re great to send in alongside Barbs (which are your primary physical “tank”), clearing a path towards the Towers. At only 4 elixir, it’s a fairly cheap and viable option for anything, it can play both defense and aid in offense.
  • Spear Gobs and Archers are your main source of defense alongside your Towers, as they have the range and the ability to shoot both ground and air troops. they are pretty low-cost and can be deployed quite easily, especially in the heat of the battle. Their range allows them to shoot from a distance as opposed to ground troops who need to be in contact with others, which is why I prefer these two over other combinations, providing full coverage against most pushes. Arena 3 deck
  • Witch For their spammy-splash-damage nature, the Witch is on my deck because it can shoot both air and ground troops. It’s hit speed is very fast, and at range as well, along with splash-damage, this is great for both offense and defense. It deals well against Skeleton Army, Barbs (to an extent) and anything else that’s dumb enough to walk into it’s range. Health is moderately good, its able to withstand most things. Paired with the Barbarians, you can literally smash through to the opponent’s towers and deal a solid amount of damage.
  • Arrows I use them over the fireball, as they are perfect for countering Goblin Barrels that are thrown towards your Towers, allowing your Towers to literally be unscathed. It can also demolish a stack of a lot of “smaller troops” that are grouping together such as the Skeletons, Gobs, Spear Gobs, etc and does have a larger radius spread. Other than that, not too much use. Arena 3 deck

Arena 3 deck Strengths

This deck plays to countering offensive pushes, which most often allows you to eliminate the opponent’s pushes without wasting too much elixir. Having a tombstone or arrows readily available already allows you to counter most things thrown at you, and the repetitive cycle of the game in which you draw cards also allows you to easily and constantly break their attacks i.e. a Goblin Barrel thrown at you, or sending a lone Prince wreck havoc. Along with its 3.6 average elixir cost, this allows you to spam ranged Gobs and Archers to better defend your Towers. Barbarians can also be paired up with everything in this deck to allow you to get the upper hand in attacks and pushes. Arena 3 deck


If going for a first offensive push, the Barbs + Witch/ Dragon combo is a great one to start with.

If going for a more passive approach, placing Tombstones in front of a Crown Tower or both, prevents ground troops to get in close and personal, so essentially providing a line of defense. Then proceed to place Archers and Spear Goblins around a Tower.

If you love countering attacks and this type of playstyle does suit you, it does make a great deck. Of course, with this deck, you can modify it to your likings to suit your preferred playstyle or if you keep encountering a problem that you can’t defeat – it’s not limited to one way and one way only. It’s not a heavy-hard-hitting deck and the elixir required to run this deck doesn’t demand too much, which gives it more of a ‘flow’ when deploying troops. For me, I’d prefer this deck setup purely because of these reasons, and it has allowed me to climb up to where I am now. Arena 3 deck

Arena 3 deck Weaknesses

I can’t guarantee that you’ll agree with everything I’ve said thus far, I’m not too experienced in terms of Arenas, on the verge of getting into Arena 4. This is just a little analysis that I did on my own deck and I hope you get an idea or two that can propel you to make your own deck. Use it as you wish, if it suits you great, if not, use one that suits you best. If you have any feedback/ improvements/ comments, feel free to comment!