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Hi Guys  flygon727 here 35 Tips PUBG Mobile Beginner’s Guide | PUBG Mobile Guide 2018 That will help you improve you PUBG Mobile game and This  35 Tips PUBG Mobile Beginner’s Guide | PUBG Mobile Guide 2018 a lot of the basic information covered about PUBG mobile so First of all, read the tutorial. It’s put in the game for a reason. It has a lot of the basic information covered.

PUBG Mobile Guide 2018

42 Tips PUBG Mobile Guide


PUBG Mobile Guide 2018 The skydive/parachute:

  1. Move facing horizontal until you’re directly above the place you want to land at. Then face vertical, i.e. straight down. The max speed you get while freefalling is 234 mph. The max speed u get with a parachute is 64 mph.
  2. Once you land, go look for loot. Try to get a gun as quickly as possible. Prioritize weapons and heals.

PUBG Mobile Guide 2018 Gameplay assists:

  1. When shooting without a scope, instead of staying still and aiming, keep your aim unmoved and move your character in such a way that the crosshair is on the enemy. This makes it easier to aim as well as makes you harder to hit.
  2. The minimap has indicators for shots being fired, vehicles being driven and even footsteps if the guy is close enough. Use these to pinpoint the location of enemies.
  3. Always crouch/prone when using heals/boosts. Make sure you are healed to full whenever possible. Near the end of the game, keep the boost bar up. No point in saving them any longer.
  4. Take attachments for your preferred guns, e.g. M416 for me, even if you don’t have the gun. You don’t want to be without the attachments you need for the gun when you finally obtain it.
  5. Switch to Extended Quickdraw Mags whenever you come across one.
  6. If there is a gun with the same ammo type as the one you are carrying, you can quickly swap guns to it and then back to the gun you have. This will take all the ammo in the gun and add it to your total. For example,
  7. if I have an AKM and I see a DP-28, even if I don’t want the DP-28, I’ll swap my AKM for the DP-28 and then swap back to the AKM. The full DP-28 clip will be added to my backpack. This also works as a good way to drain ammo from guns so that opponents who find them can’t use them.
  8. Stay away from vehicles after you park them. They stick out and draw attention. Alternatively, if you know that the enemy will be able to see you no matter what, take the risk and use the vehicle as cover.
  9. Don’t stop the vehicle in the open. Always stop behind cover/buildings. If you are forced to stop it, quickly crouch behind it if you think enemies are nearby.
  10. Pay attention to the Blue Zone, Red Zone, Safe Zone and Gas Meter of your vehicle at all times. You don’t want to be rushed for time. In the earlier Blue Zones, you can use First Aids and even Bandages if possible, to keep your health up.

  1. If your health bar is red, it means you aren’t at 75% yet and can still use bandages/first aid kits. If your health bar is white but not full, it means you are above 75% and have to use energy drinks/painkillers/adrenaline syringes/med kits to heal.
  2. Don’t underestimate grenades. If you know an enemies position, a well thrown frag/stun/Molotov can result in a free and safe kill. Smokes can be used to either get past a sniper or as a distraction.
  3. Try not to use 2 guns of the same ammo type. If you are out of ammo, you have no backup option. However, Snipers are an exception as they don’t require much ammo to use and this will allow you to ditch all other ammo types.
  4. Don’t stay still against a sniper in the open. Either get to cover, or make random running and jumping movements. Grass doesn’t render on low graphics for far enemies so the sniper can see you even if you are proned in grass. A crouched/proned target in the open is a sniper’s dream.
  5. Try to have 1 gun with a good scope (4x/8x) for long range and another one with a Red Dot/Holographic/2x for close range.
  6. Have your close range gun ready when charging houses or closed areas. Have your long range gun ready when in open areas.
  7. Supply drops can be used as bait, just wait nearby with a good scope.
  8. Don’t waste too much space on ammo, save place in your backpack for important stuff like heals and grenades.
  9. Make space before going for a supply drop if you know it’s not opened. This will reduce the time you spend near it in the open.
  10. Drive your vehicle in random patterns when trying to dodge long range shots from a sniper. If you land near someone with a gun and you don’t have one, run around him in circles while a ttacking. You might just get lucky if he misses all his shots.
  11. Enable peek and fire and use it to fire around walls and through windows.
  12. Once you get an idea of what are important items and what aren’t, or rather when to take and when not to take most items, turn auto pick off in settings. Late game, auto picking stuff like 4x and 8x will fill your backpack, while early game it won’t let you take a pistol over that shotgun that you don’t want.
  13. The speed your health ticks down while knocked down increases the more you repeatedly get knocked down.

PUBG Mobile Guide 2018 When playing squads:

  1. Turning on both speaker and mic is a big plus but if you can’t use mic, at least turn on speaker so you can hear what your teammates are saying.
  2. Common mic issues when joining a match can be easily fixed by going to your device home screen and coming back.
  3. This can even be or by locking and unlocking the screen.
  4. Alternatively, consider using an app like Discord since the in-game voice chat is bugged as of now.
  5. Unlike in solo, when someone dies in a squad game, as long as they have at least 1 teammate alive, they enter the knocked status. Knocked players cannot shoot or pick up items and have to crawl around, while losing a small amount of health every second. If they are not revived in time or if all their remaining teammates are knocked or if they are killed a second time, they will be killed and cannot be saved. Once your entire squad has been knocked/killed, you lose and get ranked.

  1. Land together as a squad and loot the buildings in the same area. Communicate about the loot you find and divide them appropriately. Don’t be greedy and hog everything for yourself.
  2. Early on don’t try to have guns with the same ammo type on all 4 of you. You will not be able to find enough ammo for everyone to use. An example being, 2 of you use Rifles with 5.56mm and 2 of you use Rifles with 7.62mm instead of all using the same type. As the game goes longer, you will get more ammo and can afford to have the same ammo type on all your guns.
  3. Alternatively, use a Rifle with one ammo type and a Sniper with another. Sniper carriers need less ammo, so you can share some with the Rifle carriers.
  4. If a teammate gets knocked, don’t try to revive him until you either finish all the enemies there, or get to cover. Reviving takes 10 seconds and the enemies will be able to finish you as well, if you don’t have cover.
  5. Use different cover for each player, if you all cover behind the same rock/tree not only will it be too thin to properly cover you but you also run the risk of dying to a frag grenade.
  6. You can knock/kill allies with a vehicle. So don’t.
  7. Try to hold a gas can among one of your teammates when you are using a vehicle.
  8. Even ally vehicles will show the vehicle indicator on minimap, so keep that in mind when looking for an enemy vehicle.
  9. If you have 4 alive and you knock two from far, try to charge them with all 4 so that the other 2 don’t get time to revive.
  10. The speed your health ticks down while knocked down increases the more you repeatedly get knocked down.
  11. optional Try to have a designated long-range member in your squad. Make sure he has a sniper and a 4x scope/an 8x scope whenever possible. optional

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PUBG Mobile Beginners Guide

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