3 Star BH5 Attack Strategy

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Hi Guys 3 Star BH5 Attack Strategy Today I will show you 3 Star BH5 Attack Strategy so When You upgrade your Builder all to level 5 Get the Battle Machine and Upgrade your Baby Dragons to max level first Because If you have Max baby dragons and there are only 1 firecracker and bad archer towers on Opponent base then you can do an all air attack Here Is guide on Baby Dragons at Bh5

Apart from Attack Strategy Defending is a very important part Because for half of your success in depending on your base and no matter how good you are at attacking, if your base is weak then you won’t be able to get into the higher Trophy Ranges So Check Out Here Some Cool Clash of Clans – 14+ Builder hall 5 Base Used By Pro Players

3 Star BH5  Attack Strategy

Study the enemy base closely if the buildings are scattered drop a barbarian/ archer/ minion for each and every building as in builder base we have to fight a one on one war and even 1% damage can make you win or lose the war.


Always try to take down the Crusher with the help of sneaky archers when attacking with a combination which includes Raged barbarian and boxing giants as if they get in the vicinity of the crusher you will lose your army in just one thud.

BH5 3 Star Attack Strategy

Always take down the firecracker with the help of ground troops when your army consists of minions and Baby dragon because If you have baby dragons and there are only 1 firecracker and bad archer towers, then you can do an all air raid.

Beware of the giant bombs/mines as they are really powerful in builder base generally they are placed close to the crusher to avoid a possible attack from sneaky archers.

BH5 3 Star Attack Strategy

If the base has no walls and is concentrated use barbarians only and deploy them in a way circling the whole base.

If a base seems to be really difficult to invade concentrate all of your force on the spot from where Builder hall is easily accessible or from where there are more chances of taking down the builder hall  (Beware of the giant mines).

If you figure the base is incredibly strong and you can’t take it out, you can just use barbarians and archers to destroy the cheap buildings on the outside. This will hopefully get you enough percentage to claim victory.

When I was going from 2500 to 3020 trophies, the only army I used was 24 archers and 4 bombers. And the strategy I used was to get 2 stars with maximum percentage. I used to go around the builder hall and create a funnel and then allow the battle machine to take down the hall.

So Guys That’s it for Today I hope You like this BH5 3 Star Attack Strategy and It help you to Improve your playing style

Builder Hall 5 Base

You can try this Base at Bh5 This base very Good if have low level defense and you are around 2800 trophies also you can see this is look like troll base because traps and bombs are at good placed Continue Reading »

I used This base myself for at least 20 Versus Battles to see how It is and Its perform very well around 2500 t0 3200 also thanks for reading this BH5 3 Star Attack Strategy Post

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