Clash Royale Tournaments

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  • Tournaments are a feature in Clash Royale that allows players to compete against each other in a short-term competition for Gold and Cards.
  • Once you have reached XP level 8, you’ll be able to create or join tournaments.
  • Ranking higher in the tournament results in better rewards.

Free clash royale tournament Clash Royale Tournaments Feature has come to light and after the July update, it has been officially applied. As expected, thousands of tournaments were created in the first day free clash royale tournament,clash royale free tournament passwordnot reach the participants limitation yet, people find it struggle with joining these tours Clash Royale Tournaments

Clash Royale Tournaments


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Tournament NameHotlink Clash Wars 01

Status: Prepration

Tournament tag: #82UP2Q9


Prize: 2000 Cards

Number of players: 1000

Tournament is Full Now

Previous Tournament: