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Hi Guys TechnicalG87 Touchdown Mode Guide And New Touchdown elite challeneg is very fun to play  This Touchdown Mode Guide there’s no towers there’s no river there’s no bridge there’s nothing so how do you score  crowns because three crowns will still win you a match This Gamemode has two two endzones, one on each side.

Every time a troop walks into the end zone, you get a crown. At three crowns, you win the game. Once Your troop walks into the Opponent  you will get a crown and The team with most crowns  will win the match means You need 3 Crowns first to win the game. Otherwise

the one who gets more Crowns in 3 minute will win the game so come and take a look at this Touchdown Mode Guide 


Touchdown Mode Guide

Clash Royale Touchdown Mode Guide & Touchdown Elite Challenge

This game mode is very different from Other gamemodes Because there’s no towers there’s no river there’s no bridge Thats Means You have to Pick Atleast 1 Building In This Mode and Spells are not good in Touchdown Mode So 

Always pick a building





You can Pick Tesla and Inferno Tower because  Tesla is a lot better than before It is good against hog, balloon, baby dragon, and battle ram and Inferno takes down high health units and tanks. Bomb Tower – Also a great building. Can clean up very well

Barbarian Hut is ok because Wizard is a hard counter and Goblin Hut The best spawner building for this mode The spear gobs are fast and newly buffed, making them viable on offense and defense but Tombstone is easy to counter

Good Splash and range cards





Baby Dragon, Wizard and Executioner is good for Great splash for Both Air and Ground and DPS make him a very good choice 

Bowler seems useful due to His knock back Ice Wizard Its Slows things down, a solid defense Princess and Dart Goblind Does very Well with their Long Rang

Pick spells Guides




The Log and Zap is Good For Skarmy Dart Goblin and Princess but Arrows is a  great spell The large radius allows you to hopefully get a good trade against those princesses and dart goblins.

Fireball is Very bad in this mode but Poison is really great in this mode when coupled with hog, giant, etc.

Rocket is Not as great in this mode because of a small radius and high cost Lightning is Still good after geeting nerf . Great at stunning units, and it can save your balloon or hog with a sliver of health If you use yhis card near touchdown line

Top Win Conditions




Battle ram is fast, targets only buildings Great for offensive pressure. Always use it down the sides, and Lumberjack rage bottle is very useful.

Hog Rider A really powerful card in this mode. Support with lightning, log, or zap and gg. Always choose hog

Giant is great distraction and Witch is a Really great because of her skeleton spawn. Always high on my priority list to counter first

Balloon is okay when played right and has decent health Giant Skeleton  Good for taking out support units and Elite Barbarians  Fast and painful if you have the elixir advantage. Combo with fire spirits, log, poison, or lightning and it will be tough to defend against.

Lava Hound The pups can pop into the end zone. A powerful card and much better than any other tank and P.E.K.K.A  Kills everything, but is very easily distracted. When kiting, remember her smaller vision

Golem One of the best tank pays off most of the time. Make sure to bait inferno before playing this card.

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So this is the Touchdown Mode Guide guide & Touchdown Elite Challenge and I Hope You Liked It 

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