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Hi Guys, Hyp3rion.akki back with another Lava Hound Heal Spell Decks For Arena 9+ As You know Heal spell is New Card in the game this card does 176 heal at tournament standard that means With the Lava Hound If you drop Heal on the pups means that Zap is no longer effective against them, as they will just quickly Heal so come and take a look at this Lava Hound Heal Spell Decks guide

Lava Hound Heal Spell Deck

Lavahound This card is obviously your winning condition. Play him in the furthest corner to the right or left so that you can build a bigger push. Generally I wait until my opponent makes a move. If it’s something like archers or megaminion behind the tower, or a building in the middle (like furnace or tombstone) I play LH and start a push.I play my LH in the same lane my opponent has played troops to prevent dual lane pressure and so that my balloon can kill troops with death damage even if it doesn’t make it to the tower Contiue Reading »


2. Giant Heal Spell Decks

Giant Heal Spell Deck

Hi Guys today I am going to show you Giant Heal Spell Deck This Deck Got me to 4200+ throphies This is one of the most powerfull deck right now in Clash Royale, the Giant Heal Spell Deck.we have  Furnace to apply a huge pressure on your opponent. After gettinf nerf Still Furnace is definitely one of the the best defensive building right now in the game it has been working fantastic! It’s strong and counters a lot of things very well so Come and take a look at this Giant Heal Spell Deck guide Also Check Out Continue Reading »

3. Three Musketeers Hog Heal Spell Decks

Three Musketeers Hog Heal Spell Deck

Hey guys, I’m Aaqib Javed here with the Three Musketeers Hog Heal Spell Deck It works really well in both ladder and tournaments, and has just gotten me to  arena 10 from previous personal best of 2600 trophies. I Am Using three Musketeers in this deck because of Heal Spell If my opponent Throw fireball on Three Musketeer then i use my heal spell to heal 3M So come and check out  This gull guide Continue Reading »

4. Baby Dragon Golem Heal Spell Decks

Heal Spell Decks

Hey guys Dexter here today I am Going to Show you Baby Dragon Golem Heal Spell Deck This Deck Help me to reach at Arena 11 This deck is a beatdown deck centered around the golem (obviously). I’ve been  using Golem since before the giant/poison nerf, This Deck taken me from around 3.6K to my personal best of 3921 let’s get right into the deck and how you can use it to help your push Continue Reading »

5. Miner Graveyard  Heal Spell Decks

Miner Graveyard Heal Spell Deck

Hi Guys Md Aaqib here and today I am going to share with you my favorite Miner Graveyard  Heal Spell Deck Miner+Graveyard is an amazing Combo Including Heal spell in Combo you Can Take out  single Tower Completely, This deck is solid but needs a lot time and practice to master. Lots of players in Arena 10 are using him and most decks from top players are utilizing this Heal spell. So Come And Check out this Miner Graveyard Heal Spell Deck Guide Continue Reading »

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Thanks For Reading These Heal Spell Decks 2017 guide and i Hope You like it some of you that are looking for a new fun deck please give a try to these decks 


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