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Hi Guys we are back and Today we are talking a look at those 3 Clan Chest Deck Which will help you to get 3 crowns and opponent  towers down very quickly,If you really want to push for the level 10 chest for your clan, then the way to do it is to go for three crowns, not for one crown wins. With these three crown overwhelm decks, it’s ok to lose 1 or even 2 towers because once double elixir starts you will begin a massive, overwhelming push. With These deck So Come and take a quick look at this Clan Chest Deck guide

1. Electro Graveyard Bowler for Clan Chest Deck by Yarn

what’s up everyone this is orange juice i use the ton of decks but this one is my favorite one to use during the electric wizard challenge it’s the deck that I had the most fun playing a deck pompeyo used to get his electric wizard to max level one of the most common index that we ran into was the mirrored furnace zap a deck that multi mate really popular during the electric wizard challenge this deck has an answer to every card in that deck but one miss plates app could cost an entire tower so here is my Electro Graveyard Bowler Deck  

Clan Chest Deck


I will recommended you to watch the video below to the post.In Video you will learn how each and every thing about the deck how this Electro Graveyard Bowler Deck works how this deck cards works most important you will also know how to use electro wizard which is new to the game don’t worry i am going to give you some tips about this deck Continue Reading »

2. Hog Elite Barbarians for Clan Chest Deck by Yarn

Hi Guys Today I am going to show Hog Electro Wizard Deck which is working well for in electro wizard challenge and I also won one Electro wizard in challenge my win was 12-2 in challenge so ihave to say something about this deck is not made by ME, It’s actually made by yarn From orange Juice And I’m just making a guide on it because this deck won me some cool matches in Ewiz challenge and ladder so come and take a look on this Hog Electro Wizard Deck Guide:

Clan Chest Deck

The main win condition of the deck besides the Elite barbarians, You’ll have to do Hog Ice golem pushes and Hog Elite Barbarians pushes to get the main damage done. The Hog Rider could also attract a few troops towards it, deterring them away from your tower for a little while Continue Reading »

3. Golem Lightning for Clan Chest Deck by Byrne 

Hey guys, Byrne14 it’s been a fairly long time since I’ve made a post about a Golem Lightning Deck but seeing as I just hit 4k trophies as a level 10 (not quite the same accomplishment it used to be but still pretty awesome), I figured it was time to make one.

This is a Golem Lightning Deck that you have all surely seen, or at least a variation of it. I believe it to be one of the stronger decks in the meta right now and I anticipate that it’s popularity will continue to grow. So let’s go card by card, starting with the most important and going down in decreasing levels of necessity.

Clan Chest Deck

The win condition of the deck, obviously. The slight nerfs to Giant decks and Inferno Tower make him more attractive as a build-around, and the slower meta is very favorable for building your elixir for massive scary pushes. Golem does massive damage in his initial form and on death, so successfully sticking him to a tower will usually get a LOT of work done. You often shouldn’t be too afraid to drop him, because even if your opponent decides to counter push and gets a good deal of damage done, you can often deal even more damage unless they have the perfect response (most decks do NOT have a perfect response, since a lone Inferno Tower + Mega Minion can so easily be countered by another card in this deck Continue Reading »


  • If You Have a full clan with 50 members Which is all members are active that will help you quite a lot, so that averaged out all the member don’t have to win as many crowns. Having a 50 members in your clan will go a long ways towards helping you gain all the crowns you need in order to get a level 10 chest

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Thanks for reading this Clan Chest Deck All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.



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