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Hi Guys Supercell introduce the new Sudden Death Challenge which is coming and we all know The Sudden Death challenge starts at overtime so double elixir x2 is activated. In this Challenge You Are Going to get One time rewards Just Like previous Challenges so  you can see all the rewards in below Image Check Out Clash Royale December 2017 Update Leak New 

 I also I will tell how to get 9 win in this Sudden Death Challenge and  What cards and Deck would work well so come and take a look att this Sudden Death Challenge guide Check Out Some Top 10 Sudden Death Challenge Deck


Check Out  Here Some Top 10 Sudden Death Challenge Deck

The Sudden Death Challenge appears to be the harder of the three new ones, and not only because it requires a lot of strategy to create a deck that will work well in the challenge but also because your teammate must have the same fundamental

What cards would work well?

In this challenge you want to take a tower as quickly as possible while providing excellent defense, meaning that beatdown would be ideal


For this challenge you want cards that work well on defense but are also lethal on offense, as well as having a building to keep the opponents from reaching your tower

Ideal cards:

  1. Minions, Archers, Tombstone
  2. Night Witch, Musketeer, Mini Pekka, E-Wiz
  3. Inferno Dragon, Furnace, Baby Dragon
  4. Executioner, Wizard, Prince, 

Having at least 2 of these cards increases your chances at winning

Please note that some cards shine particularly in defense, cards like Goblin Gang, Ice Wizard, Skarmy, Bowler, etc. should be saved exclusively for defense keep at least 1 in your deck


For offense you want cards that are tanky, and cards that require responses from the opponent (not much else to be said about these

Ideal cards: 

  1. Giant, Golem, Lavahound,
  2. Graveyard, Balloon, Battle Ram,
  3. Bandit, Prince, Miner, Hog (debatable)

Having at least 2 of these cards increases your chances at winning and I would recommended Graveyard and Balloon


In order to finish of a tower, or weaken the opponents army, its good to have at least 2, but no more than 3

Ideal High Damage: 

  • Fireball and Lightning Poison does damage over time and that isn’t what you want in a tight situation,
  • Rocket is very situational and takes a long time to reach the tower, Fireball and Lightning are almost instant damage

Ideal Low Damage The Log and Zap and Arrows The “basics” You have take atleast one card  From these cards I would recommended Log Because there are So many Goblin Barrel and Graveyard

How to Win Sudden Death Challenge

Ho Guys  I  have Today To win this challenge the first move is always important, do not immediately over-commit on a single push

When starting the match it is important to analyze they’re win con, if it is a golem/ lavahound do form a push on the same lane as they will most likely win, instead build up a push more threatening then they’re push, they will usually abort their push to defend yours, meanwhile you can just place an executioner or bowler to clean up their push

It is important to note that your teammate may not be the best, but you can at least carry your team to victory

Not every match is winnable, but with the correct layout and strategy you can make the most of bad teammates

Lava Hound Balloon Lighting Deck

Lava Hound Balloon Lighting Deck

The Lava Hound Balloon Lighting Deck gameplan is simple First you have to down tomstone as a defensive building and once the tombstone is already down  then  drop the Hound in the corner once 10 elixir is reached. I prefer right side Corner because i am right handed. But if you’re left handed, please feel free to use the left corner as well. Once it hits the bridge, support with Mega Minion on the outside. Keep lightning at the ready for inferno towers or Traget three troops Continue Reading »

Hog Executioner Tornado Sudden Death Challenge Deck

February Meta Decks

Hi Guys Md Aaqib here back with another Hog Executioner Tornado February Meta Decks which is working well in Arena 10 I feels like Executioner is a very good Epic card. He’s kind of like a Wizard and Bowler combined into 1,I won 2 12 wins Grand Challenge(12-1, 12-1, 12-2) this aslo great in Ladder This deck is not mine, it was suggested by a clanmate who copied it from the global leaderboards, it’s a fairly popular deck and shows up on TV royale quite often.I strongly suggest trying this Lava Hound Balloon Deck out – It’s fun to play, easy to use and one of your best bets to get a high number of wins on challenge mode, whether it’s classic or grand 

Hog Rider This card is your key to victory, he’s very fast and does a lot of damage, you only want to get play him when counter pushing but it can be fine playing him at the start alone (don’t over commit to the push at the start or there’s a high chance you’ll get punished) You can use the hog to draw counters early, or send him in when the timing is right to take down the tower Continue Reading »

Miner Golem Executioner Sudden Death Challenge Deck

Miner Golem Executioner Deck

Hi Guys Hyp3rion.akki here and today I am going to show you my Miner Golem Executioner Deck that performs pretty well in both ladder and challenges.before this deck i was using miner princess Deck but  I removed Princess because there are too many Logs now just because of Zap nerf and added a real anti-air troop musketeer.I hit 4300 Trophies  as a F2P with this deck,The basic game plan is rather simple. Generate a golem push and put pressure on opponent

The strategy is simple play golem at the back followed by Executioner,Minions or Musketeer andIf they play a Lava Hound, play a Golem on the other lane. Don’t play your Golem first unless absolutely forced to.Place your Golem behind the King’s Tower when you have defensive cards ready. Continue Reading »

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