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Hey guys, I’m Aaqib Javed here with the Three Musketeers Hog Heal Spell Deck It works really well in both ladder and tournaments, and has just gotten me to  arena 10 from previous personal best of 2600 trophies. I Am Using three Musketeers in this deck because of Heal Spell If my opponent Throw fireball on Three Musketeer then i use my heal spell to heal 3M So come and check out this Three Musketeers Hog Heal Spell Deck full guide

Three Musketeers Hog Heal Spell Deck

Hog Heal Spell Deck Card Role:

  1. Hog Rider: This card is the favorite card of most Clash Royale players. I use it in almost all my decks (except Hound, lol who uses Hound Hog). It is fast, targets buildings, and does high damage with each swing. At tournament standards, it does 264 damage per swing, which is insane! I recommend level 8 for 4000+ trophies and level 7 for 3000+ trophies to match your opponents. Pair this card up with Ice Golem, Minions, or Princess for a powerful little cycle.
  2. Heal Spell: Not Too Much About This Card We All Know How This Card Work in Clash of Clans But For You help This is a Great to use on Three Musketeers because If you opponent Through Fire ball On 3M then you can heal them with heal spell
  3. Three Musketeers: This is the main card of this deck of course. Coupled with Heal Spell they can deal a ton of damage The most high risk, high reward card. Split it behind your king tower for a big two lane push. You can use it to defend if really necessary, but Fireball will destroy these three ladies Ohh Don’t Worry we have heal Spell to Heall them. My favorite way to use it is by keeping it a secret until I take one tower, and then dropping them on the opponent’s side of the map to do insane damage to their 2nd tower.
  4. Ice Golem: This card is simply amazing. Even after the nerf, Ice Golem gives insane value for 2 elixir. It can be used for kiting, Hog pushes, 3M pushes, tanking a few shots from incoming troops, or just cycling. My favorite use of this card is to tank damage from a push, and counterpush with Hog and Minions.
  5. Mini P.E.K.K.A: The main boss to the deck. Most people think Mini P.E.K.K.A is weak because it gets distracted really easily. Well with this deck every card will support the Mini P.E.K.K.A and get her to the tower! Never place her in the back, drop at the bridge with your attack combos and be aggressive.The awesome thing about this deck is you can always mix it up, and keep your opponent guessing.
  6. Arrows: Used to counter swarms, minion hordes, etc. Sometimes used if you need to get that last hit off the tower. Can be replaced with zap if you please
  7. Minions: These flying bats(I think that’s what they are) are very valuable for their low cost of 3. The only card that can positively destroy them are Fire Spirits, which are not very common in this meta, and probably won’t be. Use them to take out Mini PEKKA, Elite Barbs, tanks, Hog, anything really. They work very well with Hog, dealing a good 84 damage per slash.
  8. Elixir Collector: .A strong card in so many decks! Putting down a lot of Elixir Collectors is a great way to keep your opponent from catching up to you if you have the lead.Place this in front of your towers in the middle so that troops are going towards the middle

Hog Heal Spell Deck Gameplan:

This Three Musketeers Hog Heal Spell Deck is great because it has a lot of pushes that will force your opponent to be on their toes every second of the match Also This deck is very powerful, even though it is off-meta. Because of that, it’s very fun to play! During x2 elixir, go on with the god push, which includes Three Musketters,Hogs, Heal, and maybe Ice Golem if you can, which would be even better against swarms.

The main point here isYou have to keep your Elixir Collectors alive while your opponent saves their Fireball Or Lighting for your Musketeers. This is the way when you are able to gain a lot of Elixir advantage Through Elixir Collector while still being able to beat down your opponent with chip damage.


Whenevevr you play 3M Don’t Forget to Spilit them If you’re able to play the 3 Musketeers as a defense when you know your opponent can’t clear them with a spell, the best way to utilize that is to drop the Mini Pekka  in front of the single Musketeer and be prepared with the Log when the two Musketeers approach the bridge. If you can drop the Miner at the tower where your two Musketeers are headed as well, this split push is so hard to stop. Your opponent will get a headache trying to figure it out with nearly any deck they have.

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This is my Hog Heal Spell Deck guide and i help You like it some of you that are looking for a new fun deck please try this deck