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Hello fellow Clashers! I’m Md Aaqib and I am very addicted to Clash Royale I Love This Very Much Because I care so much about the game, I am constantly trying out new decks and testing strategies to find the best decks in the game I Also check out TV replays in game and Today, I’m going to be sharing the strongest decks in the current meta along with quick guides on how to use each of them so let’s take a look on this december meta deck guide

1. Lava Hound Clone Spell December Meta Deck

december meta deck

The main tank of the deck.Drop him down in the corner or behind the tower when he reaches at the bridge Give him back with archers or Mega Minions It works really well against Baby Dragon, Mega Minion, and Inferno Dragon. if these are targeting your hound If  Opponent try to Push from other lane then simply drop tomstone it will take care about hogs and soupporting troops 

Since the Lava hound is our main tank to reach the tower, we have to be careful on dropping this unit.Some Push As Following of Lava Hound Clone Spell Deck Continue Reading »


2. Bowler Graveyard Control December Meta Deck

december meta deck

Hello I’m coltonw83, some of you may already know me from my AMA.I was the 2nd place finisher at King’s Cup and I also qualified for the arena battles that Clash Royale will be airing in December. Today I would like to teach you guys how to use my favorite Bowler Graveyard Deck! I used this deck to reach 4732 trophies (12,8.25,5,2) and I’ve used it to win many 12 win chests in grand challenges. This Bowler Graveyard Deck guide will be released at the same time as my youtube video on the same deck

The main goal of This Bowler Graveyard Deck is to defend first and to capitalize on your surviving troops by using them in a counter push with graveyard. Bowler, ice golem, and mega minion thrive in this role as mini tanks (yes even mega minion) and while they tank the tower the graveyard goes to town unleashes tons of dooting damage. Continue Reading »

3. King’s Cup X Bow Bowler Deck

december meta deck

Start with  Ice Wizard or Bowler. If you don’t have xbow in your hand, wait for your opponent to deploy first,If Your Opponent Play Giant Behid King Tower  then Ready To defend Your Tower,

On offense, deploy Ice Wizard and/or Bowler, then place the X-Bow like I wrote above. Use other troops too if needed. (Best offense at the late game) If you got high pressure on one lane and your opponent has elixir lack, deploy Mini P.E.K.K.A and FIce spirits on the opposite lane (this trick depends on your own skill and your opponent’s) X Bow Bowler Deck

This deck is excellent at catching the opponents off guard and forcing them to react, adapt for your flow of the game. Below are 3 ideal times to set up an X-Bow X  Continue Reading »

4. The New December Meta Deck Lava Hound Lighting 

december meta deck

Lava Hound is inherently risky at 7 elixir, so I find the first minute or so I often don’t drop her. I’m learning about my opponent. What counters do they have, how is their cycle, how can I build an elixir advantage against them, etc. Tombstone is SUPER useful on defense to pull toward the center. Make sure you’re comfortable taking a little bit of damage in order to build elixir advantages for when you drop your first lava hound since it is such high risk in single elixir time.

In double elixir I ALWAYS drop lava hound at the bridge behind the rock. This I think is what is most different from other lava hound users. It forces your opponent to drop counters earlier which means you know what you have to counter sooner and means that they aren’t pushing on offense. If you drop your LH behind the tower in double elixir you’re just inviting a counterpush that in most cases will leave your minions/MM in front of your lava hound instead of behind it. Continue Reading »

5.  Golem Clone Spell Deck for Arena 8+

december meta deck

The deck main push surprisingly is a solo Golem push. The health of golem allows you to decide how to support the golem.Don’t get too eager at playing support closely after as the first thing opponent does when he sees your golem is counter push the other lane.

The most important thing about the deck is defense.The elixir cost is around 3.5 for the deck and you don’t really have good cycling option against faster deck (only archer counts). So sitting at 10 Elixir is common but try not to do that for too long or you will be in huge issue. Knowing what your opponent deck has is key to making the right defense. Continue Reading »

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Once Again Thanks for reading this december meta deck ! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.

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