Electro Wizard Decks 2017

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Hi Guys Hyp3rion.akki Here and Today i am going to show you a deck Lava Electro Wizard Balloon Deck which I used to win the electro wizard challenge and I also Using this deck in Ladder and Other Challenges this is a small guide but you can take look at here other Electro wizard Deck but Worry i will update this guide as soos as possible so come and take a look on this Lava Electro Wizard Balloon Deck guide :

Electro Wizard Decks

Lava Hound: Main card in your deck.You have to deploy your Hound behind the tower. Make sure your Hound reaches the Tower without splitting into Lava Pups. if your opoonent plays Inferno Tower  to counter your Lava Hound  distract it with your Minions or reset it with zap and One thing keep in mind You must be careful when placing the Lava Hound down. because in current Elite barbarians are very bad card I suggest you only drop your lava hound when you have 10 elixr Continue Reading »


2. Hog Pekka E Wiz Deck

Hog Pekka Deck

Hey guys, I’m here to bring you guys a counter to all of the unwanted, over leveled commons. Which is this Hog Pekka Deck Control Deck  I am currently a fairly new Level 10 at 3,507 trophies with a PB of 3689. I have been using this Hog Pekka Deck for about a month and a half now and I have figured out how to beat most of the common strategies in the 3000-4000 trophy range (Lavaloon, Golem, E Barbs, RG, etc.). I would say that I’m pretty good with the deck and certainly have the knowledge to write a guide on it Continue Reading »

3. Miner Battle Ram Electro Wizard Decks

Electro Wizard Miner Battle Ram Deck

Hey there FIGGY0023 back again with Electro Wizard Miner Battle Ram Deck Good news (I think), I’m back! I will start posting guides much more regularly again. Not as regularly as before, but still expect maybe 1 guide every 3-4 days.so guys this my Electro Wizard Miner Battle Ram Deck after using this deck i won battle ram challenge and now this deck is working well for me in ladder Basically, you just wanna slowly chip away at the tower with miner. However, the deck is great at counterpushing and when done properly, you can devastate your opponent with counterpushes with battle ram, miner, guards,etc so come and take a look at this Electro Wizard Miner Battle Ram Deck Guide Continue Reading »

4. Lava Hound Electro Wizard Decks

Lava Hound Electro Wizard Deck

Hi Guys What’s Dexter Here Again and Today I am Going To Show You Lava Hound Electro Wizard Deck Which Is Working well For me In Challenge I Found This deck after watching orange Juice most recent Video Which he makes for Electro Wizard Challenge I am very glad to see his video how he played this deck i will recommended you to watch his video bleow the post Just i am Going To Show you how i used this in challanges got the Electro Wizard Inside Continue Reading »

5. Electro Wizard Miner Control Deck

Electro Wizard Miner Control Deck

Hi Guys FIGGY0023 Back again back with Electro Wizard Miner Control Deck for Challenges  that I absolutely LOVE! It got me 11 wins in a grand challenge, which isn’t that impressive,this deck got Ale from Clan (Reddit Alpha) an insane 34 in a row 12 win grand challenges! Absolutely insane! This Electro Wizard Miner Control Deck is gonna be a really detailed guide on a fabulous deck that is a dream come true for miner lovers like me! Clash with Ash has a video on the deck Below of the post so come and take a look at this Miner Electro Wizard Decks Control Deck guide Continue Reading »

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Go ahead and I hope you’ll have as much fun playing these Electro Wizard Decks as I do. If you used my deck and found out that changing something worked better for you, please leave a comment below

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