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Hey everyone MWolverine63 here today I’d like to discuss the My Favourite mode ” Clan Battles ” With the Summer of 2v2 battles, there’s a LOT more opportunities to create unique synergies between decks—16 cards total! However, there’s also more opportunities for your opponents to take advantage of weaknesses in your deck, so you have to be more careful. In this Clash Royale 2V2 Decks guide

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Clan Battles Meta Game: Key Points

  1. Cycle and Siege decks will struggle, as there will be more buildings or support troops to distract
  2. Spell Cycle will be more viable, since you have more net elixir to spend on heavy spells (and more troops around to get value from them)
  3. Controlling lanes with splash troops will be critical to winning
  4. Heavy tanks (Golem, Lavahound) become easier to play and even necessary to survive to the tower
  5. Team coordination is key, specifically not over-countering your opponent and wasting elixir

Clash Royale 2V2 Decks

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Building a 2V2 Clan Battle Deck

The most important point here is that you should identify your partner before you start a battle. The best clan battle decks will have synergy within the deck itself and with your partner’s deck. You should start by looking for basic compatibility: you want to both have ground win conditions or both air win conditions. It’s a bad idea to mix a Golem deck with a Lavahound deck because you won’t really be able to support your partner, nor will he be able to support you.

You should also look for variety between the two decks. You want cards that fulfill similar functions, but in different ways. There are so many options in Clash Royale that you can make your decks stronger by giving yourself multiple ways to respond to similar threats.

Let’s Come and take a loo at Some Clash Royale 2V2 Decks

Hi Guys, Aaqib Javed back with Top 3 Best Night Witch Decks and the first one is Lava Hound Night Witch Deck For Arena 10+ As you know Night Witch is single-target melee troop summoning flying units, you just can’t simply use her instead of the regular Witch in most of the time She could work with Lava Hound very well! Her Bats would support the Lava in the air meanwhile her melee attack could help take out Electro Wizard, Musketeer, Executioner etc so come an dtake a look at this Lava Hound Night Witch Decks guide

Lava HoundNight Witch Decks July Meta Decks

1. Lava Hound Night Witch Deck

This card is obviously your winning condition. Play him in the furthest corner to the right or left so that you can build a bigger push. Generally I wait until my opponent makes a move. Lava Hound itself is not intimidating but the Lava Pups are what are scary. If ignored, they can deal over 1900 damage to a tower but chances are they won’t dish this damage outContinue Reading »

Electro Wizard Bandit Deck

2. Battle Ram Electro Wizard Deck

Attacking in this Electro Wizard Bandit Deck is very simple. A good push is Poison + Battle Pencil, and if you are in double elixir you can throw in a Bandit or some Archers.

Another possible push is with the eWiz and the Pencil (This deck centers around the pencil for attacking), and if you don’t have poison available you should have log on hand to take out anything they usually use on your ram.If they use Skarmy, hover it so the path is on where they’ve been playing their skarmy. (Usually right in front of the tower or bridge) Continue Reading »

Bowler Mirror Goblin Barrel Deck

3. Bowler Mirror Goblin Barrel Deck

Hey Guys What’s up FIGGY0023 here As a player I used this Bowler Mirror Goblin Barrel Deck to get to 4000 trophies with 10/7/4/1,I would say I have a fairly decent amount of skill and experience at using zap/spell bait. So this deck featured by TopnotchCR (Kings cup top 4 and participant in crown duel) that looked really fun and I also Won  3 Grand Challenge at 12-0 win back to back 3 times I would share this deck with you So come and take a look at this Bowler Mirror Goblin Barrel Deck guide Continue Reading »

Graveyard Meta Deck

4. Giant Log Graveyard Clash Royale 2V2 Decks Deck

I recently hit 4K trophies (Being F2P) with tournament standard cards and my personal best of 4.1K, which is the reason why I would like to share my Giant Log Graveyard Deck with you guys.

I recently started playing in some tournaments which really help me improve: – I got 10th in a 1000 player tournament. – 2nd in a 100 man tournament. – 1st place in every 50 man tournament I have played. In Challenges I win Classic Challenges on a regular basis and after averaging 7-11 wins in a Grand Challenge I think it is time to showcase my Continue Reading »

5. Lava Hound Balloon Lighting Deck

Lava Hound Balloon Lighting Deck

The Lava Hound Balloon Lighting Deck gameplan is simple First you have to down tomstone as a defensive building and once the tombstone is already down  then  drop the Hound in the corner once 10 elixir is reached. I prefer right side Corner because i am right handed. But if you’re left handed, please feel free to use the left corner as well. Once it hits the bridge, support with Mega Minion on the outside. Keep lightning at the ready for inferno towers or Traget three troops Continue Reading »

Hi Guys Md Aaqib here back with another Hog Executioner Tornado February Meta Decks which is working well in Arena 10 I feels like Executioner is a very good Epic card. He’s kind of like a Wizard and Bowler combined into 1,I won 2 12 wins Grand Challenge(12-1, 12-1, 12-2) this aslo great in Ladder This deck is not mine, it was suggested by a clanmate who copied it from the global leaderboards, it’s a fairly popular deck and shows up on TV royale quite often.I strongly suggest trying this Lava Hound Balloon Deck out – It’s fun to play, easy to use and one of your best bets to get a high number of wins on challenge mode, whether it’s classic or grand 

February Meta Decks

6. Hog Executioner Tornado Clash Royale 2V2 Decks 

Hog Rider This card is your key to victory, he’s very fast and does a lot of damage, you only want to get play him when counter pushing but it can be fine playing him at the start alone (don’t over commit to the push at the start or there’s a high chance you’ll get punished) You can use the hog to draw counters early, or send him in when the timing is right to take down the tower Continue Reading »

Hi Guys Hyp3rion.akki here and today I am going to show you my Miner Golem Executioner Deck that performs pretty well in both ladder and challenges.before this deck i was using miner princess Deck but  I removed Princess because there are too many Logs now just because of Zap nerf and added a real anti-air troop musketeer.I hit 4300 Trophies  as a F2P with this deck,The basic game plan is rather simple. Generate a golem push and put pressure on opponent

Miner Golem Executioner Deck

6.1 Miner Golem Executioner Deck

The strategy is simple play golem at the back followed by Executioner,Minions or Musketeer andIf they play a Lava Hound, play a Golem on the other lane. Don’t play your Golem first unless absolutely forced to.Place your Golem behind the King’s Tower when you have defensive cards ready. Continue Reading »

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Hey guys it’s  Executioner Giant Battle Ram Deck that got me 12 wins in the Classic Battle Ram Challenge. I am a dedicated player interested in possibly joining the competitive scene, with a trophy high of 4200+ and multiple 12 win challenges under my belt. I really enjoy testing different decks out in classic challenges, so I have upgraded almost all my cards to tournament standards

May Meta Decks Executioner Giant Battle Ram Deck

7. Giant Executioners Battle Ram Decks 

The  Executioner Giant Battle Ram Deck is simply a version of the Giant Executioner deck(Take a look at here for Giant Executioner deck) that is extremely popular as of right now that I found works very well with the Battle Ram. I am making this post as a deck guide so take a quick look at this  Executioner Giant Battle Ram Deck guide Continue Reading »

Miner Battle Ram Deck

8. Miner Battle Ram Decks

As this Miner Battle Ram Deck is a control deck, your general gameplan in this deck is very defensive. Throughout the game you’ll want to drop proactive cards at the back such as executioner, Electro Wizard, and Mega Minion to bank elixir. Use cannon and other support cards to defend against an enemy push, and use your remaining cards on the map to capitalize and punish your opponent on a counter push. Continue Reading »

January Meta Decks

8.1 Hog Elite Barb Wiz Deck 

Hog Electro Barb Deck which is working well for in ladders and I also won one Electro wizard in challenge my win was 12-2 in challenge so ihave to say something about this deck is not made by ME, It’s actually made by yarn From orange Juice January Meta Decks

Hog Rider: Main win condition  of the deck besides the Elite barbarians, You’ll have to do Hog Ice golem pushes and Hog Elite Barbarians pushes to get the main damage done. The Hog Rider could also attract a few troops towards it, deterring them away from your tower for a little while.The good thing about Elite Barbarians is that they are a hybrid card, It means they are first used as a defensive card, for example if your opponent drops an RG, you’ll drop the elite barbaarians to kill the Royal Giant and translate that defense into a counter-push with Hogs Rider as an offensive card Continue Reading »

9. Hog Best Goblin Gang Decks 

Goblin Gang Hog Deck

Hi Guys What’s up Hyp3rion,akki here back with another Goblin Gang Hog Deck Guide This time i am going to show you Goblin Gang Hog Deck whivh is working well for me ladders This Deck got me to arena 10

A little bit about me. I have been playing since global launch and I have Three F2P accounts both above 4000 trophies using more or less the same Hog Decks. I started using this deck after goblin gang release I hope that it can do the same for you So Sit Back Relax And Read This Goblin Gang Hog Deck Till The End Contine Reading »

  11. Miner Goblin Gang Clash Royale 2V2 Decks Deck

Miner Goblin Gang Zap Bait Deck

Hi Guys Md Aaqib here and today i am going to show you Miner Goblin Gang Zap Bait Deck Including Mirror Furnace and Barrel This Miner Zap Bait Deck Deck is very Populer in ladder at High level This Deck help me to push 4450+ Throphies  I have a fairly decent amount of skill and experience at using zap/spell bait deck.This Miner Goblin Gang Zap Bait Deck also working well for me in tournaments My Deck contains a lot of current META Cards Such as Furnace Zap Miner which is needed for these kind of deck Continue Reading »

Bowler Elite Barbarians Deck

Bowler is a very confused card in this deck, usually it would be the counter to Hog but the Tornado does better because it can activate your King. However, if my opponent plays Princess, I do like to counter with Bowler because the Bowler will just continue onto your opponent’s tower and it could be a potential counterattack. Bowler’s also very good against Furnce. You’re really on your own when deciding when to use the Bowler, Continue Reading »

Thanks for reading this Clash Royale 2V2 Decks guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome Pls Tell me in comment box If i Missed somthing 

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