Graveyard Spell is gonna be OP(predicted card interactions based on math)

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Clash Royale Graveyard Spell

Clash Royale Graveyard Spell is gonna be OP Hi Guys GoldenTaile and Clash Roale Graveyard spell is gonna be the last legendary being released with this update. After doing some math I wanna figure out just how Graveyard spell interacts with other cards such as Poison as Defensive Buildings. Clash Royale Graveyard Spell Graveyard spell is obviously meant… Read more »

Clash Royale-Sparky Double Prince Deck Push to Arena 9

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Sparky Double Prince Deck

Sparky Double Prince Deck Arena 8+ Hey fellas, I just hit Legendary Arena with this Sparky Double Prince Deck and really want to share it.I got Sparky a couple of days ago and dropped like 300 trophies trying to get the hang of it.. anyway, kinda got it figured out and am now at an all… Read more »

Clash Royale-How to counter Giant Three Musketeers Best Guide

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counter Giant Three Musketeers

How to counter Giant Three Musketeers Best Guide Hey guys, D-Mate here! Today I want to share with you How to counter Giant Three Musketeers Best Guide so Giant + Three Musketeers can absolutely provide a supreme fire power. Using them with 9+5 elixirs is too much to commit. Anyway, defeating them is still a hinge on… Read more »

Clash Royale-F2P Best Xbow Lightning Deck for Atrena 6+

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Xbow Lightning Deck

F2P Best Xbow Lightning Deck for Atrena 6+ Hi Guys Arma_GD here and today i am taking about Unstoppable Xbow Lightning Deck That Got me to Arena 9,If you have a couple of the more commonly seen Legendary cards and want a deck to push trophies with,crush people for fun with, and/or use because you like somewhat… Read more »

Clash Royale-Cycle Hog + Earth’s Special Forces

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Hog Cheap deck

Cycle Hog + Earth’s Special Forces Hey all Incronaut here today we are talking about  Hog Cheap deck  this deck isn’t anything crazy or meta changing, but it has gotten me to my personal best so far (3276 and still climbing) with a 10/7/x/1 as a level 10. The best part of this Hog Cheap deck is that it… Read more »

Clash Royale-Sparky Inferno Dragon Zap bait Beatdown Cycle Deck

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Giant Inferno Dragon Deck

Sparkey+Giant Inferno Dragon Cycle Deck Hi Guys, CynicalCyndaquil here and Recently I made it to Legendary Arena after floating in frozen peak since the update. I bought a legendary chest from the store, hoping for an ice wizard to add to my mortar deck, but I got the inferno drag. I used it in a few friendly battles… Read more »

Clash royale-Legendary Rumble Deck For Arena 8+

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lavahound deck

Legendary Rumble Lavahound Deck Hi Guys What’s up CrazyMush here and Today i showing you guys Legendary Rumble deck(lavahound deck) for Arena 8+ I’ve actually reached 3100 trophies, but I have so many gems and coins is because I bought that sweet arena 9 deal in the shop once I hit 3000 trophies.I call the deck “Legendary… Read more »

Clash Royale-The Freezing Cold Deathball Deck Arena 5+

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Ice Wiz Deck

Giant Ice Wiz Deck Arena 5+ Hi Guys What’s up,kaze03 here.Today you will be witnessing my first attempt at an in-depth deck strategy guide. My deck, entitled “The Freezing Deathball Deck”, is optimal above 2000 trophies, however all the cards are obtainable in Spell Valley and earlier. I am currently using the deck with 8/6/3/1… Read more »

Clash Royale-Pompeyo’s triple legendary deck Arena 8+

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legendary deck

Legendary deck Arena 8+ Hey guys,ShreddyWap here and I’d like to share with you  guide on this deck (Pompeyo’s triple legendary deck) that helped me reach 4K trophies.I’ve used this deck in both of my best 15K tournament performances, 10th and 15th. I’ve won just over 10K cards from tournaments and I’m quite sad about… Read more »