Clash Royale Bowler Deck for Arena 8 and 9

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bowler giant deck

Clash Royale bowler giant deck for Arena 8 and 9 bowler giant deck Recently I have gotten a pack of Bowlers from the Super Magical Chest so I chose to try this deck out. Since yesterday, I have been getting a great deal of accomplishment with this deck and getting various 3 crown wins in… Read more »

Clash of Clans-September update to introduce Nerfs, Buffs, new defense system

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  Supercell is preparing to release major updates for its popular mobile game, “Clash of Clans” (COC), in September. Latest reports suggest that the game developer will introduce new defense systems, buffs, and nerfs.clash of clans september update Anoushka, a staff member at Supercell, recently stated via the COC’s official forum that the imminent update… Read more »

How to Use Zap Spell – Clash Royale

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How to use zap

Hey everyone, Today We are talking about Zap What is Zap Spell ? Zaps enemies, briefly stunning them and dealing damage inside a small radius. Reduced damage to Crown Towers.”   How to use zap  It’s a low cost spell with instant cast time that inflicts damage in a small radius The Zap is unlocked from… Read more »

Clash royale – How to Use The Log Gameplay

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  The LOG Strategy “A spilt bottle of Rage turned an innocent tree trunk into ‘The Log’. Now, it seeks revenge by crushing anything in its path!” What is The LOG It can be unlocked from Arena 6 (Builder’s Workshop) It is an arena damage Legendary Spell. This card costs 2 Elixir to cast. When… Read more »

Free Clash Royale tournament by Games Troops

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free clash royale tournament

 Clash Royale Free Tournament NO. 2 by Games Troops   Clash Royale Tournament Feature has come to light and after the July update,it has been officially applied. As expected, thousands of tournaments were created in the first day free clash royale tournament. people find it struggle with joining these tours.So far the new Clash Royale Tournament mode… Read more »

How to Use and Counter Ice Spirit-Clash Royale

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how to use ice spirit

How to use ice spirit Hey everyone,Today we are talking about Ice spirit The ice spirit is a good utility card when paired with other units For 1 elixir , it can be used to cycle your deck Compliment your push Or assist in defending your tower Ice spirit has a 2.5 tile attack range While as the… Read more »

How to Counter Giant Combos – Clash Royale

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Counter Giant

Hey Guys today we will be talking about How to counter Giant combos. Giant Combos is very usefull decks are in tournaments.Counter Giant   How to Counter Giant Deck – Clash Royale Most decks have at least one building Use this building to pull the Giant If you don’t run a defensive building and you keep losing… Read more »

Clash Royale-How to use and counter the miner

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use miner

How to use and counter the miner Hey guys today We’ll be talking about how to counter the miner recently  we saw miner is the most useable card in tournaments every one is using miner. how to use and counter the miner   Use miner The miner can be deployed anywhere on the map.You need… Read more »