Clash Royale Giant Poison Deck Arena 8+ | Giant Ice Wizard Deck

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Giant poison deck

Hello Giant Poison Deck Beautifull Peoples,What’s up T-Rex here, and today, I will be talking about the Giant Poison Deck that has won me a couple of 100 player tourneys, and also help me maintain 3000+. The legendary in this deck is replaceable, but the playstyle will definitely change. This giant poison deck focuses on chipping… Read more »

Clash Royale Mega Knight Grand Challenge Deck 12 Wins GC Deck

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Mega Knight Grand Challenge Deck

Hi guys Mega Knight Grand Challenge Deck Today we will show you  Mega Knight Grand Challenge Deck These Mega Knight Grand Challenge Deck  has been used by a few top players in Grand Challenge and Now everyone is uding these decks on Grand Challenge Before Mega Knight People were using This Pekka Bandit Battle Ram… Read more »

Clash Royale 400 Cards Gendrago Gaming Tournament Free Password

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Cr tournament

Clash royale free tournament password,Guys we are hosting free clash royale tournament every day for you so please  like our Facebook page for upcoming Tournament password and Follow Us on Twitter ,Gendrago Gaming Tournament Password for free Hey Guys Join Clash Royale Gendrago Gaming Tournament Password Tournaments are a feature in Clash Royale that allows players to compete against each… Read more »

Clash Royale Top 5 Three Musketeers Heal Decks 2017 Arena 10+

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Three Musketeers Heal Decks

Hey guys, I’m Aaqib Javed here with the Three Musketeers Hog Heal Spell Deck It works really well in both ladder and tournaments, and has just gotten me to  arena 10 from previous personal best of 2600 trophies. I Am Using three Musketeers in this deck because of Heal Spell If my opponent Throw fireball on Three Musketeer… Read more »

Clash Royale Mega Knight Bandit Deck | Mega Knight Miner Deck 2017

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Meta Knight Bandit Deck

Hi Mega Knight Bandit Deck Guys Shoelacious here and I designed This Mega Knight Bandit Deck to deal with specifically two decks (or metas) that were giving me trouble: the Pekka-Pump versions along with the Miner-Poison decks that counter them; and the Log Bait decks which in this challenge are an even greater nuisance than usual…. Read more »

Clash Royale Lumberjack Spawner Deck Arena 9+ Deck

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Spawner Deck

Hello everyone! I am Desertanu and in this guide I’m going to share the Spawner Deck that got me to 4000 trophies.This Spawner Deck uses the barbarian hut and furnace to apply constant pressure, while using cheap and efficient cards like the ice golem that help on both offense and defense. The inclusion of the… Read more »

Clash Royale Graveyard Miner Log Deck Arena 8+

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Graveyard Miner Log Deck

Hi Guys malanraja here Today i am going to show you Graveyard Miner Log Deck that got me to  4000+ Throphies I’ve been playing zap bait decks ever since i unlocked Goblin barrel up until i finally realized that control decks are my preferred playstyle,This deck has worked well for me and I prefer it over my… Read more »