Clash Royale Graveyard Pekka Wizard Deck | SPARKYARD Control Deck

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Pekka Wizard Deck 2017

Hi Guys Pekka Wizard Deck AveragePichu here Check Out Here Best September meta decks and as I said Pekka Wizard Deck I would post a guide when I reached 5k, but I haven’t reached yet  well My deck is level 11/9/5.5/2.5 with P.E.K.K.A, Sparky, Graveyard, Wizard, Skeletons, Bats, Zap, and Tornado. My season highest is 4557, and my best… Read more »

Clash Royale 400 Cards Gendrago Gaming Tournament Free Password

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Cr tournament

Clash royale free tournament password,Guys we are hosting free clash royale tournament every day for you so please  like our Facebook page for upcoming Tournament password and Follow Us on Twitter ,Gendrago Gaming Tournament Password for free Hey Guys Join Clash Royale Gendrago Gaming Tournament Password Tournaments are a feature in Clash Royale that allows players to compete against each… Read more »

Clash Royale Graveyard Mega Knight Flying Machine Deck Arena 10+

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HI Guys Mega Knight Flying Machine Deck Aaqib Javed here with Graveyard Mega Knight Flying Machine Deck So many peoples are saying that flying machine is not But belive me this card is very If you play properly this card And This Decks is an anti Graveyard Mega Knight Flying Machine Deck which was built specifically to… Read more »