Clash Royale Graveyard Battle Ram Heal Spell Deck Arena 10+

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Hey everyone, my name is MidnightLightss and today I am going to be sharing a Battle Ram Heal Spell Deck I recently discovered on my second account. After winning the Heal challenge and upgrading it to level 6, I was testing it out for a long time, trying to find out synergies. I found out that… Read more »

Clash Royale Touchdown Mode Guide | Touchdown Elite Challenge

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Hi Guys TechnicalG87 Touchdown Mode Guide And New Touchdown elite challeneg is very fun to play  This Touchdown Mode Guide there’s no towers there’s no river there’s no bridge there’s nothing so how do you score  crowns because three crowns will still win you a match This Gamemode has two two endzones, one on each side…. Read more »

Clash Royale October Update 2017 Quests ,Touchdown Mode& Gold Rush

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October Update 2017

Hi Guys Today I’m compiling all new things that this Clash Royale October Update 2017 will bring us! I’ll keep updating this post with the new information that SC releases until the update comes out Check Out Here Some Cool Meta Decks For Current Meta Note: Update is live  In this page, I will be Post all of the information of the… Read more »

Clash Royale Top 5 Bowler Decks 2017 | Bowler Deck Arena 9+

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Bowler Decks 2017

Hi Guys Today I would like to show  you my personal Bowler Graveyard Giant Deck beatdown deck, since there not really a solid meta from 3k to 4k (other than Royal Giants, Hogs and Elite Barbarians), there aren’t exactly many people using Graveyard at the moment, even Graveyard is the most powerfull card in the game This… Read more »

Clash Royale Touchdown Mode Update Everything You Need To Know

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Hi Guys What’s up Clash Royale Touchdown Mode In This Update Clash Royale Touchdown Mode is Coming Which is called a Touchdown Mode For This Gamemode There is brand new arena with NO towers, NO river, and NO lanes it can only be played in 2v2 with Draft so come and take a look at this Clash Royale… Read more »