Clash Royale-Best Double Prince Pekka Deck For Arena 7+

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Best  Deck after August Update

 Double Prince Pekka Deck For Arena 7+ Hey guys, today I am going to share Best  Deck which will be alive after the August update. Best  Deck after August Update As we reported before Dark Prince, Prince and Pekka will get a buff in the upcoming update, so I think it’s the time that we bring back Double… Read more »

Clash Royale-Lumberjack and Furnace Deck for Arena 8+

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Furnace Deck

Lumberjack and Furnace Deck Combo-Clash Royale   Lumberjack deck The Lumberjack is the one of the newest Legendary Cards in Clash Royale today. And in this deck, we are going to showcase its ability with the Balloon and the Furnace. Lumberjack deck Lumberjack deckDeck Strength: Lumberjack deck On offense, this deck focuses on wrecking down… Read more »

Clash Royale-Three Musketeers PEKKA Deck for Arena 7+

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Three Musketeers PEKKA Deck for Arena 7+ High risk yet high reward, this P.E.K.K.A + Three Musketeers combo can either make your opponent get wrecked and vice versa, provided that your opponent has counter such as Fireball Three Musketeers deck Overview: In general, this is the deck including the combination of high cost troops (P.E.K.K.A, 3… Read more »

Clash Royale-Best Lumberjack Balloon Deck for Arena 8+

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Best Lumberjack

Best Lumberjack Balloon Deck for Arena 8+ Combining Rage and Freeze together with Balloon is not a bad idea at all,Best Lumberjack  and this Lumberjack + Balloon + Freeze deck can fulfill this task perfectly Best Lumberjack Deck Overview: With a Legendary together with 2 epic cards, this deck is surprisingly cheap with only 3.3 average… Read more »

Clash Royale-Best X-Bow Deck after august update

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Best X Bow Deck

Best X-Bow Deck Best X Bow Deck  Hi Guys, are you getting stuck in Arena 6, 7 or even 8 and finding an easy way to get into the next ladder? Today I am going to introduce to you the new very interesting X-Bow control deck.I am pretty sure that you will like it! It… Read more »

New Balance Changes Coming (8/24)- Clash Royale

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Note: New Balance Changes Coming (8/24)- Clash Royale   Hello guys, as always, Supercell is about to release a new Clash Royale update with lots of new balance changes to refresh the game and make things more balanced. This update did take a pretty long time to be released because Supercell was in the vacation… Read more »

Push to Legendary Arena with No Epic-Clash Royale

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Push to Legendary Arena with No Epic-Clash Royale Royal Giant Deck for Arena 7 and above. This deck was shared by after he got it to Arena 9 with level 8, 9 Commons and level 6 Rares, which is very impressive! Since lots of players are complaining about how difficult it is to get into… Read more »

Should you buy cards from the shop? Clash Royale

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epic Sunday

I expect that a surprising extent of amateurs would ponder what Epic Sunday is.   What is Epic Sunday?   In a day by day turn, every player can purchase up to 100 Commons, 50 Rares, 10 Epics, or 3 Legendaries, at expanding costs once one of the separate card rarities are purchased. The costs… Read more »

Clash Royale-How to Use and Counter Guards

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Guards are beefed up Skeletons and you can find them in Royal Arena. Each Guard has a shield, which is pretty similar to Dark Prince’s Shield. That shield always can tank the first hit no matter how much damage it is. However, underneath that shield, they are very similar to Skeletons in damage, health and… Read more »

Best Miner Princess Tournament deck

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Best Miner Princess Tournament deck Hi Guys, today we have  to share Miner + Princess Tournament deck . This deck is solid but needs a lot time and practice to master. No deck is full win proof. It’s how well you play them.Tournament deck,cycle deck,cheap deck,   How to play this deck?   What you… Read more »