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Hi guys JulleCR here and today i am going to show How to Use 2.6 Hog Cycle Deck Guide | How to Win Against 2.6 Hog Cycle Deck So in this guide will be hog cycle vs. hog cycle (hog rider, ice golem, ice spirit, skeletons, musketeer, cannon, fireball, the log) I will have 7 key things to focus on this matchup. I have been playing hog 2.6 for over a year and my personal best is 5453. Mirror match is my favourite matchup cause I almost always win it. I will be looking at things like musketeer placement, fireball cycle and cannon placement.

2.6 Hog Cycle Deck Guide

[1] Starting the game

Always start the game with a hog if you have it in rotation. It’s pretty easy damage if the opponent doesn’t have a cannon in rotation. Otherwise just cycling the skeletons or ice spirit will be a good move. (Obviously you don’t know that you will be playing against hog)


[2] Notice that the opponent is playing hog cycle

If your opponent plays skeletons and ice spirit, musketeer or cannon (on your starting hog) you should expect them to be playing the same deck as you (could be anything else aswell but it’s a big chance)

[3] Cannon placement

It’s very good idea to switch your cannon placement against the hog. You can place it lower (4 tiles from the river) to get a second tower to lock on the hog. This placement is the best agaisnt the first hog (or ice golem hog) since your opponent won’t be predicting with his fireball.

OR you can place your cannon high (2 tiles) to avoid fireball against hog+tower. I would use that high placement on the second hog when the opponent is likely gonna come at you with a fireball, since he just saw a perfect 4 tile placement with the first hog. Then you just use your other troops ice spirit skeletons and musketeer if they use ice golem hog.

Always place your cannon reactively, don’t fall for the trick where they drop ice golem, you use cannon and then they drop a hog on the other lane. The most important thing is to make no mistakes.

[4] Musketeer placement

You NEVER want to give fireball value to your opponent with your musketeer so don’t place it in the range of your tower. Putting it in the middle could be good when your opponent doesn’t have a hog+fireball in cycle to punish you. If he does have a fireball in cycle and just dropped an ice golem on the river, then you might wanna throw your musketeer almost where you would throw your hog (pigpush placement) but 2 tiles lower.

Also you should always take musketeers out with fireball log if they are in range of the tower. Also protecting your musketeer with your troops is one of the key things. If you have a musketeer going for your opponent’s tower, always go for a log to try to predict ice spirit or skeletons if you are against a worse player.

[5] Hog damage

If you are playing with the 1 minute overtime, you will need some hot hits in order to win. Opponent plays very well, how to get damage? the play would probably be a fireball in the middle of your opponent’s side. If you hit the cannon, then go for prediction log since the opponent will probably drop his skeletons, maybe even ice spirit. (Remember that a good player might do this against you, so be ready)

[6] Fireball cycle

With a 3 minute overtime, it’s possible to destroy your opponent’s tower with basically just fireballs. Take any value possible, if the opponent doesn’t drop musketeers in range of their tower. Ice golem, ice spirit: everything works.

[7] Outcycling

Sometimes you might get a chance to outcycle your opponents cannon. For example you use hog they use cannon, then they use hog you use cannon. Now you just cycle your cycle cards, quick ice golem hog. It’s very likely your opponent wasn’t cycling his cards in the meantime.

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Thanks for reading this 2.6 Hog Cycle Deck Guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome Pls Tell me in comment box If i Missed somthing 

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